Friday, December 4, 2009

Eat all of the raw meat with your hands

Silver Spoon - Paul Kantner and Grace Slick
Meat Off The Bone - the Gourds
Turkey Chase - Bob Dylan
Twa Corbies - Ray and Archie Fisher
I Ate The Haggis - the Gourds


Makinavaja said...

Love the Kantner / Slick one Tfd.

steenbeck said...

Nice list TFD! I really like I Ate The Haggis. I wish it wasn't way way way too late for donds.

treefrogdemon said...

Thanks, both...steenbeck, 'Haggis' is one of my favourites of theirs. I love the bit about the cat.

The Gourds have in fact played in Scotland...before I knew about them however. I did offer to rustle up some gigs for them if they would come back but they said it's just too expensive for them to do foreign tours these days.