Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Before We Get Renamed The 'Steen

Few more Festive 'Spill leftovers/nearlywasers to get you in the mood:

ShivSidecar #4
Garethi #4
Ejaydee #4
Shoegazer #4
SaneShane #4

Don't forget: Thursday Evening


Abahachi said...

And don't forget that you can still send your nominations for the Over Awards - album of the year, film of the year, that sort of thing - to abahachi at Maybe if more people send in their votes, more than one of you will have voted for the same record - currently the album of the year is going to be pulled out of a hat, as I don't think we have yet had *any* overlap between lists...

steenbeck said...

Phew! Thanks Shoey. I just don't have the energy for world domination at the moment.

Can I change my #3? Please? Is it too late????

Shoegazer said...

Sure, Steen but have to prep the post tonight, so just e-mail a link as soon as you can.