Friday, May 2, 2008

Der Maie, der Maie

Here, as promised back on the mothership, is the Zentralquartett with 'Der Maie, der Maie': subversive ex-DDR free jazz warriors do traditional German Folkslieder.

The full glory of this track, and the rest of the album from which it comes, can perhaps be appreciated only by someone who's experienced German public television on a Friday night, which is dominated by music shows featuring traditional Volksmusik groups and the likes of the ghastly Hansi Hinterseer, the popular entertainer who makes Cliff Richard seem like Iggy Pop. The Zentralquartett set out to detonate the tradition in the usual jazz manner, but also to reconstruct it, quite lovingly, by going back to original tunes and tearing away the smooth over-production of a lot of contemporary versions.

Even leaving aside all that, however, I think this is simply fun. And it's much less scary than the last bit of German free jazz I posted...

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