Friday, May 2, 2008


I was reading the WFMU blog this morning, as one does, and I came across this band called...Loosers. Here's how they're described...

Loosers are a band of psych-freaks from Portugal who play deeply improvisational rock action with fuzzed out guitars and spooky chanting and cyclical rhythms. One of many, right? There's a thing about repetition that the great Krautrock bands knew inherently. Say plenty, but not too much. Loosers has this thing. It's a very mature musical instinct. As an example, take "Daeh Sti No Cigol", side B of the 10". It's a nearly 9 minute jam of piled-on percussive clatter, with a ghostly hum filler peaking through the seams. The rhythms swerve in and out of focus. As soon as you decide you're listening to a free rhythm with no fixed points, 4/4 emerges from the troposphere and works itself into a pattern before dissolving once again. Voices call out, drums roll. It's deeply unsettling, but also charming, like a charismatic politician. The A might be even hotter.... There's more on the blog, including some mp3s here.

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