Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jonathan Richman - a new generation won over

I've just suffered through a miserable week or two with no computer access, no trip to England in the school holidays after all and a very sick daughter (so it was just as well the trip was a non-starter) - both computer and child now restored to health! The one ray of sunshine amongst all this was the appearance of Mr. Jonathan Richman one Friday evening in a small bar just off the Reeperbahn. Messrs sourpus and TB had whetted my appetite, so I took TheBoyWonder along with me (2 tickets for this gig still cost less than just 1 ticket for his band of choice, the Fray, playing in the venue downstairs a couple of days earlier).
We were treated to just over an hour of Jonathan Richman, his strapless guitar, a couple of percussion instruments and Tommy the drummer (and I use the word 'treat' deliberately).
The above video is from a different gig, but it was Sam's favourite song of the evening. I was really chuffed when he turned to me at the end of the gig and said "Mum, that's just what I want to do, play music to an audience all my life and still be enjoying it when I'm old" (well, there is a 44-year age difference between the two of them).
My favourite song was this one (again, recorded at a different gig):

And now I need to find enough time to catch up on all I've missed on this wonderful blog (and I mean that most sincerely folks - I really missed you all!)


sourpus said...

debby, so glad you made the Jojo gig. So much has been happening here, I decided against making the trip to Hamburg, and now I envy you. I cant think of a better way to enjoy an evening of music than with Jonathan and Tommy (a man of many hats - formerly the drummer of Green on Red). Chuffed.

steenbeck said...

DebbyM, so glad your computer and your daughter are better. Lots of little ones sick so far this year - it feels like a big worry. And I'm just imagining how nice it would be to go to a show with my boys when they're older. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

FP said...

Gute Besserung für die kleine. Daumen gedruckt.

tincanman said...

What a great story. Rainbow at the end of the tunnel type thing. Glad all back on course again.

ToffeeBoy said...

debbym - your post has cheered me up after a really pissy day at work. Everyone should go and see Jojo at least once in their lives - there should be a law about it. Really glad you enjoyed it.