Monday, November 2, 2009

Shoey & Shane present: 'All Souls Day'

So Long Dead
All Souls

Half Dead
Lost Souls
Oh What a Feeling
Lost Souls On Funk
Visit From A Dead Dog
Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead

Play Dead (Strings)
Mexico City
Things I Did When I Was Dead

Bela Lugosi's Dead (The Voice Mix)
Dead Men's Cigarettes
Dead Man's Will

Dead Souls
Beggar’s Prayer
Dead Dogs Two (Board Of Canada Remix)

Memoria [Sutekh's Trisagion Mix]
In Loving Memory


nilpferd said...

Nice one, guys.

I meant to mention this over the weekend, it fits best in this company..
Tricky vs The Gravediggaz and RZA, Tonite is a special nite

nilpferd said...

Loved especially hearing the Richard Kirk again, all three dead dogs, as well as Dead Souls and Memoria. here's another one for you both, Yppah's They know what ghost know.

steenbeck said...

I love the pictures - Spooky. (Just getting started on the music) Isaac wore his monster shirt on Halloween, Shane.

steenbeck said...

No Ed is Dead, Shane?

Who sings Half Dead?

saneshane said...

Nierika - Dead Can Dance
So Long Dead - Wolfgang Press
All Souls - Strange Parcels
Half Dead - The Mountain Goats
Lost Souls - Celebration
Oh What a Feeling - The Organ
Lost Souls On Funk - Richard H. Kirk
Visit From A Dead Dog - Ed Harcourt
Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead- Ultravox
Play Dead (Strings)- Björk
Mexico City- Jolie Holland
Things I Did When I Was Dead- No Age
Bela Lugosi's Dead (The Voice Mix)- Jay Harker
Dead Men's Cigarettes- I Am Kloot
Dead Man's Will-Iron & Wine
Dead Souls-Nine Inch Nails
Beggar’s Prayer-Emiliana Torrini
Dead Dogs Two (Board Of Canada Remix)- cLOUDDEAD
Memoria [Sutekh's Trisagion Mix]- Murcof
In Loving Memory- F.S.K. meets Anthony 'Shake' Shakir

there's lots of Mountain Goats to chose from in our collections steen, as for Pixies 'Dead' or 'Ed is Dead' and many more could fit..
But I don't really post tracks by them.. 1.. because the CD recordings are very quiet.. so doesn't flow very well in playlists or more realistically: 2.. being a snob about their tunes I only listen on Vinyl (LOUD!) to get a nice rough sound or 3.. we had so many tunes and a busy moon weekend, I didn't want to over load the 'spill radio.... little did I know Jazz'spill was warming up to take over.

glad Isaac wore his monster shirt- love those pics up above.

will get to the tunes soon as z-boy goes to bed.

Shoegazer said...

Dead meat in a jazz sandwich. Fun as always, Shane.

Japanther said...

don't worry lads, your excellent efforts haven't gone unnoticed....I only got time for the top half today (will tackle the bottom half tomorrow), but great stuff and it was fun trying to work out which were Shane picks and which were Shoey picks.

My faves from the top half were The Mountain Goats (Shanes??) and the Richard H Kirk track (Shoeys??)

Blimpy said...

is that a cover of Bela?

ejaydee said...

Oh What A Feeling was my favourite.

saneshane said...

Blimpy - I do believe that one is a cover ( I have some that just sample Bela) it's from DJ Hells label - so probably Germans singing Bauhaus - insert your own joke.....


ejaydee - the Organ (who do Oh What A Feeling) I really liked as a band.. kind of Blondie/Pixies, split now - good rough recordings.

JP - cheers for taking the time.. that Mountain Goats was my choice this time.. but we do just guess what track either of us will nominate for a topic.. shoey had sent me another MG to go in..Richard H Kirk was shoeys too.

cool tunes nilpf - got to listen eventually.

Hey shoey - great fun as ever.. trying to think of what to send you - (that you wouldn't have picked up on) - but it's getting harder.. might have a candidate..

- got work to catch up on this weekend.. shall keep it in mind!!