Wednesday, December 2, 2009

“Possession of the mind is a terrible thing...”

Pajo’s “Scream with me”, a Misfits covers record, is my favourite record of this year and maybe even the decade. Got a request for a link and have suggested a few key words in the comments.

Misfits - Devils Whorehouse
Misfits - Horror Business
Misfits - I Turned Into a Martian
Misfits - Where Eagles Dare
Pajo - Devils Whorehouse
Pajo - Horror Business
Pajo - I Turned Into A Martian
Pajo - Where Eagles Dare

Following Blimpy’s Top Ten Albums of The 2000s, I thought I’d upload a track from each of my own top ten which you can find here, and I’ve listed them in the comments too.

I also included the above tracks if you want to download them that way.


DR said...

I won't post the direct link, even though it's a vinyl only release I noticed one had been taken down, but if you put this into Google:

pajo scream with me decrepit

you should be able to get it. There's a really good write up here as well, and you can also find a Misfits record, which has five of the tracks covered, the rest are in the above post.

That should cover it.

My Top Ten:

Beach House – Devotion

Slowcore, You Know the Score. The songs on this record are really well crafted, they weave and turn to create a dynamic which is very nearly unique.

Coachwhips - Bangers Versus Fuckers

I read a review of this that stated it was perfect music for psychotics to sharpen their teeth to, spot on.

Eluvium - Indecipherable Text

A difficult artist / record to describe, but I keep going back to it.

Pajo - Scream With Me

Enough said.

Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That

"Go out and tell the society..."

I recommended this to a friend who responded by saying “What the fuck is this, it sounds like something off the Skins soundtrack?”
Taste may well be subjective but you have to draw the line somewhere; there’s a dark little heart underneath the shiny surface of this record, and quite what is going on on Sometimes In The Fall is anyone’s guess. Plus, it rocks like a mofo at times.

Shellac - 1000 Hurts

"She's crazy about ballerinas..."

Long wait for something as good as this.

Simian - Chemistry Is What We Are

English pop / psych / folk gem.

The New Year - Newness Ends

First album from former Bedhead people and inhabiting a similar aesthetic, you don’t so much listen to their music as breathe it in.
Bedhead are very highly regarded in certain circles and this is a fine addition to their work, the track here barely suggests their greatness, but hopefully serves as a good introduction.

The Paperchase - God Bless Your Black Heart

"Your awkward steps in ugly hallways..."

Oh boy. Heard this when I hadn’t found anything good for some time, if At The Drive-In had played really slowly they might have sounded like this.

The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine

“He said fear me again, know I’m your father...”

A meditation on the Bush Era, they are adults but minors at heart.

Blimpy said...

i'm well looking forward to listening! as soon as i get a spare minute!