Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Re. our architectural discussion: I was very impressed with this on a trip through Lancs some years ago. If it's not apparent it's the Wigan Magistrates Court, note the interesting door designed to keep the lower orders inside. What really captivated me was the bas relief effect created by sculpting the bricks. I'm guessing but I suspect that a second layer of bricks were laid in the areas to be sculpted, the fineness of the detail and the quality of the sculpting is I think amazing, perhaps computers were involved.
My Father was a brickie, I wish he'd live long enough to see this, he'd have loved it.

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glasshalfempty said...

I used to work for a sculptor (William Mitchell) who carved straight into brick using a grit blaster (high pressure hose that squirts grit). Amazing skill, but dead dangerous. (My job was loading the grit into the hopper!) He moved to LA and did sculpture for the BART, too (but he didn't take me!!)