Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What I'm listening to right this second right now, part 3

1. Be amazed! by what you can do with cardboard and photocopies
2. Wonder! what side of marmite his voice will fall
3. Try! to decipher the lyrics and their meaning
4. Dig! the fab backing vocals that kick in for the outtro
5. Be warned! that this song can become a serious earworm if heard more than once

"Brave Bulging Bouyant Clairvoyants" by Wild Beasts


steenbeck said...

I remember liking this song when I did a bit of research after you recommended Through Dark Night for the dark/night RR topic. The video's great, too. I remember being amused by how many related videos on youTube showed "bulging" sports figures.

ejaydee said...

At first the voice was falling on the wrong side of Marge Simpson, but in the end I dug it. I'm afraid to listen to it again now.

ejaydee said...
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Proudfoot said...

Very C86. The voice is OK (if you're a Sparks fan like me you can't complain)and the lyrics mean...um...live while you're young before you 'turn to ghost' (?).
I think I heard this a while back. When was it made?
Dig the backing outro harmonies. You LIKE backing vocals a lot don't you Blimpy?

Proudfoot said...
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Proudfoot said...

Third listen. If Orange Juice had realised what you could do with photocopies and cardboard they'd have been huge.
Yes, I've been earwormed.

Blimpy said...


1. Yes, i love BVs - they can make al the difference

2. Who deleted their comms???!?!

3 Cardboard fun is limitless! Incidentally, i once remade the film 8 Mile with M&Ms.

ejaydee said...

Re: Deleted comments
The first one was me, I have a tendency to accidentally post twice, luckily here I can correct that as opposed to RR