Friday, March 21, 2008

Thinking about the crying thing

Yeah, where do I start?

I don't usually cry at music for no reason. It is always linked to emotional states, events, life's usual SNAFUs etc.

Songs don't make me cry because they dip into a D min thing or because they have swelling violas and cellos. I have never usually fallen for those sucker punches - OK, if you read RR you will know that Turandot makes me cry at the big set pieces at the ends of each Act, but even then, it is down to things I remember from living with my ex.

OK, too close to raw there, she said, steering back to the middle of the road.

It is something else mostly, with me. I really think that in the right state of deep blackness I'd blub at the Laughing Gnome.

I am not sure that this week's RR was ever going to be satisfactory. I really couldn't dond anyone. Their songs don't match my emotional lows and I am sure it is the same for others.

Not Dorian's fault, mine. I am just emotionally naked in a personal way.

I think if the topic had been "songs you first had sex to" you would have had more congruency than this one.

By the way, if anyone read my comments about "By the time I get to Phoenix", it still works. I found it on YouTube and, yes, I cried.

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Blimpy said...

That was post number 400!

Will respond properly when I'm not so "tired and emotional".

great post, tho.