Sunday, March 16, 2008


Since the topic is sleep I have an odd one though it's more music related than sleep. Several years ago on a visit to UK I was going through the usual jet lag, my body was 8 hours behind so I was going to bed and just laying there. I'd take my iPod and listen to it, usually on shuffle. One night I finally fell asleep and had a very vivid dream, I was with a group and we were walking through a park where there was a music event going on, hundreds of people with picnics and kids and blankets spread on the ground. Some distance away there was music and we headed towards it and as we approached it was a female group and one beautiful young woman rose up and took the solo lead; she was wonderful. Then some way off we heard a different group and headed there, this time it sounded like North African and there were a group of men playing percussion, one singing solo and the group responding, a call and response tune. I don't remember any more of the dream after that but when I awoke I remembered it vividly and I still had the ipod on and it was still playing, I wondered if what I'd dreamed was iPod related so I scrolled back through the playlist checking each tune and sure enough there was the N. African tune and right before it the solo woman! I wish I'd written down the titles but I didn't and now they're gone, just part of a dream. Anyone else had one of these.

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