Tuesday, March 25, 2008


For the benefit of anyone who's had problems with Podbean this is how I do it.
This might look like a lot but it's very quick, all you're doing is clicking boxes.
You've already got your account with Podbean and you've put your MP3's in a file on your desktop.

1. open Podbean.
2. Click 'Publish a Podcast'
3. Login
4. click 'Publish new show'.
5. click 'Add your audio/video'
6. same page. click 'upload new files.
7. click the green arrow 'upload'
8. on media manager page click choose file' select your MP3 from your desktop and click 'upload'. You will see 'uploading now'
9. When it shows that it's uploaded, choose 'My Playlist' from the top menu.
10. Click 'create a new playlist'
11. Select a player and click continue. If you select a multiple player you'll get a page where you input the titles on the left and select them also from 'your account' on the right and down at the bottom it'll ask for a playlist name - one word.
12. If you chose a single player click 'select from your account' - you'll get a list of all the music you've uploaded, choose your selection and click 'continue.
13. Pull the bottom corner of the box that contains your html code down and select and copy it.
14. Paste that into the 'New Posts' box at the Spill.


Blimpos MacFlossauges said...

-GF, most excellent instructions -whcih have paid off massively already!

later on, I'll add them to our computery instructions link.

thnaks again.


goneforeign said...

Blimpy: Can you slide this over and into the 'how to' file, thanks. AB...

walkaboutbrotha said...

Thank you sooo much that was super helpful!

vahid said...

when i want to upload a mp3 song , after 100% ,Alert me that [FAILED!]
what is problem
please Tell to me !