Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dub it Down

Yesterday I was listening to Mikey Dread's song Jumping Master, and I realized that dub exactly fit my mood at the moment. So here's a sampler of dub songs. If I had more room in podbean, there'd be more songs. I guess this fits under the category of "What I'm listening to right now."


steenbeck said...

Practicing hyper-links.
Here's Mikey Dread's website
Goneforeign, it has a photo gallery I thought you might like.

steenbeck said...

It works, but it opens in this tiny comment box. Oh well.

treefrogdemon said...

These are great...in the UK we can listen to this sort of stuff on the Mark Lamarr reggae programme on Radio 2 - don't know if you have access to this in the States, so I'll try when I'm in Texas.

I used not to like ML but then realised this was down to my prejudice about
a) him being horrible to Billie Piper on Never Mind the Buzzcocks
b) his horrible hairdo. Two things happened: first, I realised Billie could give as good as she got; then, ML had his head shaved for charity. Now I think he is ace!

steenbeck said...

A while back I watched some episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks on youTube, and I found Mark Lamarr to be an interesting character--he seemed to despise the industry he was so obviously a part of. He was funny, though, if a little snide. I didn't know he had a reggae show, I can probably listen on line. I'll take a look.

ejaydee said...

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steenbeck said...

the 'Spill is out of control!!