Sunday, March 16, 2008

cover me.

a few covers..I collect them.
when this was on RR I came up with 6 cdrs worth and that was 2 years ago.
added MBV for those interested.
sorry bout the lack of pictures..once i've learn't to use photoshop and the graphics pad..i'll cover it all in pics.
hope you enjoy...bring on the frazier chorus revival..!

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ToffeeBoy said...

@ saneshane - just love that Frazier Chorus track. I think the time for a Frazier Chorus revival is now - and remember, it all started here!

Anonymous said...

Donds to that. Nice selection, ss, thoroughly enjoyed it. But who the f...lunk are Flunk?


steenbeck said...

All good, particularly the Tricky. And I was thinking of a track that I love from one of your CDs--The Real Tuesday Weld doing The Day Before You Came, which is an ABBA song, isn't it?

saneshane said...

oh Steenbeck 'the day before you came' is an ABBA track, championed by fp in many RR themes, glad she did as I never knew the original. (ABBA wasn't big in my families house)
Do you have all the Luna covers 17 of them came with the best of?
Galaxie 500 doing jonathan Richmans 'don't let our youth go to waste' is beautiful also.

DsD Flunk? no idea mate..this is the one and only track I found of theirs.. and have never even tried finding anything else...don't know why.

off to nominated another Frazier chorus track 'never wake up' joys!

steenbeck said...

The only Luna cover I know is Jealous Guy, which I like a lot. I have to admit I'm not a beatles fan, so I generally like any cover of any song having to do with them (Nina Simone's Here Comes the Sun, The Breeders Happiness is a warm Gun, etc...)

I was thinking of other bands that do a lot of covers that I like...Nouvelle Vague, Cowboy Junkies...I like White Stripes Jolene and I have a pixies cover of a Leonard Cohen song, I can't Forget in My iTunes, I don't know where it came from--was it on one of your CDs? It's goooood.

saneshane said...

I'll have to do you a covers cd then..
if the pixies fitted a theme it's probably from me. Luna do a fast(ish) and slower Bonnie and Clyde with Stereolab singer Laetitia plus many other songs, my fav being Dream Syndicates 'thats what you always say'

Never been a Beatles fan either or Dylan so covers never bother me (don't hate them.. they just never said anything to me bout my life...or something!)

my fav band is pixies so..head on, lady in a radiator song, I can't forget, winterlong.. great covers.

but I also collect people who use them or cover them,,5 versions of 'where is my mind' so far.
I love it..but if someone else butchered my artwork, the same way some people do covers..they wouldn't...well they just wouldn't.

How a song becomes public is beyond me..I wouldn't cope with people messing with my /sound/words idea of how it should be.

steenbeck said...

I like the Pixies a lot, but never got around to buying anything beyond Surfer Rosa and Come On Pilgrim (that's since the early 90s!) Not sure why. I have a couple odd tracks that I acquired when my brother's girlfriend dumped the entire contents of her iPod in my iTunes library. I'm still discovering stuff I didn't know was there. It might be where the Leonard Cohen cover came from as well (Ejaydee, her birthday is March 10, and she's the reason I have Caetano Veloso and Serge Gainsbourg, which I think is an odd coincidence, personally)

I have early bad associations with the Beatles, so I have an almost superstitious aversion to them. Plus I find them a little insincere (How many people can I offend here...) But I do love Bob Dylan. I still like covers of his songs, though--he sings versions of a lot of traditional songs, and it seems like his have almost reached that status, in a way.

I think it would be fun to do covers of the kind of songs you hear in the grocery store--insipid pop songs from past decades that no one bothers to listen to. But somebody took the time to write lyrics and a melody, and it would be interesting to try to give them a new life. if I was more skilled at garage band...