Saturday, March 29, 2008

Silkworms to Sake

I'm just back from Tyrol, but I've been reading about Marco Polo so feel prepared for this week's theme.. here are my asian picks, geographically arranged from west to east...

1. Harmonic, by Hex. Persian legend about a bug in a rug..
2. singer/pianist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh with a reworking of an Azeri folk song
3. Nepalese Bliss, Ninja Tunes breakbeats by Irresistable Force, remixed by Jimpster
4. Dancing on one foot, Charles Lloyd with Eric Harland and tabla player Zakir Hussain- not really about Asia, but some awesome tabla playing.
5. In place of a morale- Geography, by Kip Hanrahan- capital wanted Vietnam...
6. Fink remix of "we are ninja" by Frank Chickens
7. Shin-Sekai, by DJ Krush.

(Player removed)

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