Friday, March 21, 2008

Swansong of The Guru

So, it is with a tear in the eye that I write this, upon hearing the news of Our Guru's departure from The Mothership I thought it best to set up a post where we can discuss this.

Please comment away. 


ejaydee said...

Dorian is my favourite RR columnist.

Hold on, do we have a picture of Maddy Costa to add to the 'Spill?

Catcher said...

Abandondled! Despondledent!

It'll be fun to see him posting, though, and hopefully he'll do a few guest spots. *sniff*

CaroleBristol said...

Bugger, I was just going to write

Dorian has abanDONDed us and catcher has got there first.

Still, that is the essence of RR, isn't it?

So, donds to...........

I liked the comment on RR where someone was hoping to see him nominating Deep Purple, the Dead and some others.

Anonymous said...

Dorian can remain as 'Guru', but can I suggest that Maddy gets her picture on here too as 'Leader'?


What the chuff am I still doing up at this time???!!

Tempusfugit said...

And so, farewell
Dorian Lynskey,
Or should I say
Our Guru?

Your blog, a flagship of musical taste
and people with funny names, sails slowly into the sunset.

It seems you like Dusty Springfield
And Panda Bear
And can't stand Springsteen or Steely Dan.

My mum loves Elvis.

R.J. Thribb (E.J's brother)

Proudfoot said...

Nice one tempusfugit. I have long thought the Guru would be off to pastures new soon. I expect there are many RRs who think 'easy life, I could do that' but it probably is pretty hard work sometimes.
Despite the RR community, the things I've enjoyed about Dorian have been:
His dislike of Springsteen and Steely Dan. No, he's right you know.
He usually admits his gaps in musical knowledge but gives everything a fair hearing. FP's idea of 'Songs you never thought Dorian would list' would make an interesting blog. I was surprised when he included Cyril Tawney and Larry Wallis and would never have guessed he was (briefly) into early nineties metal.
One or two columns have been superb. The one on bereavement Blimpy mentioned for instance.

Anyway, the king is dead, long live the queen. Maddy once mentioned she thought one of my posts was funny, so now I'm going to get six songs in every week and you people into electronica,sophisticated world music, Dusty, Minnie Riperton and 80s pop are so not even gonna make the B list. Ever. Forget getting Maddy's picture Blimpy, I'll send you one of me instead.

ejaydee said...

I thought something had to give too. I think I could manage a week or two in his job, but no more than that. When does he get to listen to his own music? Between RR and the album reviews, including the occasional live one and the odd article, I think it's pretty commendable that he lasted that long.

It's gonna be strange now, for the first time, RR is changing hands permanently. It's like we're getting a new (football) manager. I wonder how long it's gonna take before someone leaves in a strop, JAP style, because "it was much better when Dorian was at the helm" or "he used to always pick my recommendations". i hope it won't be anyone of us.

I've just found this, which I thought was funny given recent developments, from Maddy's last RR blog:
"Readers, our brief affair has been swell, but I fear this is goodbye. Once you lot see that I've failed to put Squeeze's Tempted in the A-list, and Dorian discovers that: a) rather than create a top 10 with a neat balance of genres, I've fallen for a pack of female soul singers and 1980s synths; [...] and c) I've given space to Drive-By Truckers, neither he nor you will have me back. My one hope is that Darceysdad will hold a place for me in his heart, but I fear Mrs Darceysdad might have something to say about that."

Blimpy said...

When I looked for pictures of Maddy, they were all offline - I think she must know what she's in for and is preparing accordingly.

It's like that bit from Life Of Brian, where many braying idiots are seeking guidance from Brian as the messiah.

DarceysDad said...

@ ejaydee - Oh don't worry, I culd have quoted you that line from Maddy's last column verbatim without your reminder! But lest anyone think I'm rubbing my hands in glee at the prospect of a DBT song in every list, it ain't gonna happen. If you look back late in the previous week's column to that quote, you'll find that Maddy actually said to me:

"congratulations: i've never been a fan of drive-by truckers but you've introduced me to a song by them that i actually rather like."

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

Oh and isn't the violent 3B pencil and "Our Judas" rather harsh?!?!?!