Saturday, March 29, 2008

I took this snap of the Burj Dubai - 'the tallest building in the world to be' - from a nearby hotel rooftop swimming pool. The streaking is a dirty window. The buildings at the foot are normal high rise office blocks. The main building is already over 600 metres tall, not counting the cranes on the top. They say they are a) keeping the height a secret and b) designing the top to be 'add-onable' to foil any challengers - the Chinese for example - who are also in pursuit of 'the tallest building' title. This shot makes the whole thing look like a massive space craft ready for blast -off.

On the right is the 7 star Burj Al Arab taken from Madinat Jumeirah holiday resort and shopping mall. The waterway is man-made. The word Burj means tower. You can get afternoon tea here for a cool 35 quid a throw. I was once able to get a guided tour for some guests and we were shown the 'standard' rooms. All the standard rooms in the hotels are 'duplexes' - 2 floored suites. Each floor has its own check in. The rooms have gold fittings. Every bedroom has a ceiling mirror. This is covered for Chineses guests as it is considered bad luck.

Dubai is an amazing city, but at the moment it is more like an enormous building site. On the backs of cheap Asian labour, they are constructing a space-age city. It could be a case of building on shifting sands. If I choose to visit the top of the Burj Arab,I'll do it as soon as possible.


FrogPee said...

Eeeeh whey that's canny bit hotel, bonny lad. Somehow reminded of my grandma (RIP) who, on hearing that my aunt was off to Cairo to visit her husband, said with typical North East understatement "Whey it's a look out for her". [Look out in Geordie means - a little trip] I've seen a docuementary on THAT hotel. Stunning. It's the only 7* in the world isn't it? Wonder who judges those things? Think I need to go and check it out :O)

DarceysDad said...


When we nipped down the beach to visit Burj-Al-Arab, we baulked at that afternoon tea cost, and as for the underwater restaurant prices, the less said the better! Unfortunately we were (quite sniffily) told that if we wanted to even take a look around the 'public' areas of the hotel, we needed an invitation!!

I wonder what this says about me...?

scarymonster said...

thanks for the pics, temp and will bear in mind your Spring advice. Do tell me that it's possible to visit on a shoestring budget. The scarydaughters have extremely expensive tastes if given the option...which I always avoid where possible.


Tempusfugit said...

DD - when we went for tea, we were given a dress code - smart casual - and forbidden to take photos. You could tell all the people who were in for tea only - they all dressed very smartly and had their cameras hidden. Meanwhile, the resident wandered round in their extremely short shorts and flip-flops (men) and very skimpy bikinis and diaphanous sarongs (women) with video cameras in hand. as for getting and invitation, try calling the hotel PR people. That's how we got our little tour.

SM - it is much cheaper and easier to get hotel rooms with a package from the UK than trying to book here. We normally book 3 months in advance if we want a hotel room in the high season - Nov to April.

The pound is extremely strong at the moment as the Dhiram is pegged to the Dollar. 12 years ago, you got 5 Dhirams to the pound Now, you get 7.5.

You would probably get a better deal during the summer, and if you are happy to hit the shopping malls after, say, 11 in the morning, everywhere is air-conditioned and comfortable inside.

Happy hols!