Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bright Tomorrow

Jack White's other concern have released a new LP, straight to the shops - no advance copies - everyone gets to hear the tunes at the same time type gimmick
The song in the above embedded player has Jack's sticky icky thumping fingers all over it-irresistable, blazing, moreish and COMPLETELY vacuous with it. 
-edit- I watched the video again, for some reason the emptiness vexed me, I then went on over to youtube and checked out Fuck Buttons, a new band from Bristol, who release on ATP records, and were recorded by the chap from Mogwai. 

 Music can satiate one's id accordingly and this in itself is a thing of wonder. 

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TonNL said...

Completely agree with you on the Raconteurs song/video. Had my first doubts as a link to 'the Raconteurs widget' dropped in my mailbox, doubts grew as I started the thing, nearly clicked on the "Buy" button, saw the endless "embed" options, with which you can embed the damned thing on nearly every kind of blog with just a click, finally started the OK-ish video (nice idea to use 2500 pictures, but not quite original...), the song bored me after about 15 seconds.....

Thanks for posting the 'Fuck Buttons' video, definitely going to check more of their stuff!