Monday, March 10, 2008

Where have all the children gone?

So ran the headline of a local newspaper as I ate my lunch at the theatre - I was terrified at first, expecting to learn of some terrible massacre or epidemic.
It turns out however, that due to falling birth rates and overpriced housing, the streets of St. Andrews may have a few less children running around in the future.
Phew, close one! 
The odd thing about this video is the fact that the band don't notice all the children, not once,  not at all.

Frightened Rabbit are ace, and although this new song of theirs is much more restrained than the phenomenal "The Modern Leper" that I've mentioned before, it's still rather good and has an interesting false start to it. 


ejaydee said...

Hey, where's the picture?

Blimpy said...

A youtube counts if the freeze frame is okay.

glasshalfempty said...

Good stuff, Blimp (I just listened to their MySpace playlist). I was gonna book to see them in Brighton on 17th May, til I realized I'm going to see
Fanfare Ciocarlia that night (at Nilpferd's recommendation).

nilpferd said...

Sounds good, GHE- you've even got a bit of time to polish up on your dance steps!
Hope you enjoy the party!

glasshalfempty said...

@blimpy - assume you've seen the BBC stuff about Scottish bands (incl FR) at SXSW -

Anonymous said...

@ghe - watching it just now, thanks for the link!!

The Twilight Sad are touring really soon - happy days.