Monday, March 17, 2008

What I'm listening to right this second right now, part 2

1. Dig that hypnotic riff

2. Feel the tension rising

3. Wonder at the beards!

4. Wonder why there aren't more counting listy songs

5. Listen as the backing vocals blast the song into orbit

6. Wonder if they're all members of some sort of polygamous cult

7. Feel the yowl!

8. Was that a goose?!
9. Put the record on again cos it's so moreish.

"Dart For My Sweetheart" - The Archie Bronson Outfit


glasshalfempty said...

Thanks Blimpy - I got 'Cuckoo' as an iTunes song of the week ages ago, and I'd forgotton how good it was - must get the album...

Proudfoot said...

Blimey, that were good. They kind of reminded me of 16 Horsepower (I think that was helped by the religious cult comment) but much better.The backing vocals really do vamp it up don't they?

Blimpy said...

It's one of those songs that would really suffer if the BVs were to be removed.

There are others, I was thinking about doing a post on this subject.

saneshane said...

when mad was being done on RR
came up with:
Cuckoo Archie Bronson Outfit
Cuckoo Cass McCombs
Cuckoo I AM Kloot
Cuckoo Cuckoo Animal Collective
I'm a cuckoo Belle and Seb..
Cuckoo Barbara Moore Singers(wasn't impressed with this one tho)...I need more, about 19 usually fit a Cd..can a cuckoo comp be done?
(quite close with ducks by the way!)

Blimpy said...

Nearly all good bands there.

I think Curve had a song or album called cuckoo.

Cuckoo is such a good word. 19 may be quite hard - a top ten is always good though!

Blimpy said...

There's the old english folk song that goes "Summer is a coming in. Sing cuckoo" - it's the one they sing at the end of The Wicker Man

Don't follow the trail if you haven't seen the film before.

Blimpy said...

I've just made the connection that the last song off the Sneaker Pimp's record is "Willow's Song" from The Wicker Man, but under the name "How Do".

saneshane said...

gotta do some research now..
Barbara moore singers is off Trunk records Fuzzy felt folk..
did Trunk release the Wicker man soundtrack?
and didn't Paul Giovanni(?) just pretend they were old english folk songs but wrote them for the film?

anyway,got the cd somewhere it'll go on when I find it..cheers.

saneshane said...

oh yeah..I'd not put 'willow song' and 'how do' together..learn something new every evening on here.

Did you see the Banksy swear allegiance to the plastic bag graffiti.. could add Tesko Suicide as a soundtrack.

Mnemonic said...

Absolutely Cuckoo - The Magnetic Fields

ejaydee said...

For a second I thought they were singing "dond for my sweetheart"

steenbeck said...

I was heard a Sinatra song on the radio in which he sang about a woman with the "knocked-out cuckoo groovy wind in her hair." But I don't know which song it is and a quick google is unrevealing. Try typing "Cuckoo" in the iTunes' store search. There are millions!!

saneshane said...

Magnetic fields has to go on...
and Kristin Hersh has like cuckoo on 'hips and makers' but I dont know if i've got the album.

Steenbeck, I can't just type things into's just not comp for 'orange' has taken the longest 2 and a bit years to find enough really good tracks to fit 80 mins (6 months of that was finding Mountain Goats Zopilote Machine then it not turning up, then it not working...just to see what 'orange ball of hate and orange ball of love sounded like!)
finding some things with a click of a button great, others I like the wait and discovery..
love ya garage band by the the messy break at 2.24.