Monday, March 24, 2008

The Professor - Music for chilling out on Easter Monday

Having hopelessly over-indulged yesterday we are basically recovering from too much good food. And the Terry's chocolate orange had to eat in bed last night. Just to get rid of it so my post-Easter diet can start today. I am chilling out listening to the man they call 'The Professor' - Manuel Göttsching. Manuel created the band ASH RA TEMPEL in 1970, thus creating the one of the foundations of the "Krautrock" movement about which Julian Cope was later to write (the two of them are pals, incidentally). He recorded 'by accident' the ground-breaking E2-E4 which was regarded as the music which gave birth to techno and has been sampled on dance floors all over the world. Manuel still continues to write and perform music of astonishing beauty and innovation and is, rightly so, regarded as one of the best guitarists in the world. I got to know his music because his lady wife, Ilona Ziok, a film director and producer of extraordinary talent and originality, based in Germany, is a good friend of mine. She does the creative documentaries and he writes beautiful music. I don't think they'll sue my ass for posting this song - one of my favourites - "Saint and sinner" - which is the perfect soundtrack for chilling out today. I'd be interested to hear what you think of this music - Manuel will read it - and will certainly keep you informed about any of his future concerts. He's a really good bloke, by the way. And Ilona's a very loyal friend. I'm proud to know them. Hope you had a lovely Easter, guys.


DarceysDad said...

Mmmm, enjoyed that, fp.

With the chilled late Easter Monday mood I'm in (plus working a 1400-2200 'late' for a customer tomorrow) I would have enjoyed it even more if ejay's PodBean song above hadn't just fired me back up!!

I'll pour myself another Absolut Raspberri and listen again whilst I catch up on the 'Spilling I've missed.

TonNL said...

The only Ashra album I have is 'Belle Alliance', I remember it being considered a bit out-of-character with their krautrock image, but I thought it was an incredibly cool album, with even some reggae/dub influences and some very beautiful, nearly ambient stuff (if my memory serves me well, have to dig out the vinyl out of my archive, and give it a spin on my USB turntable...)

'E2-E4' of course is a classic, the cd rerelease is now playing on my laptop...

Good to read that Manuel Göttsching is still around (and might even read this...), and still making music. If there are any concerts in the Aachen/Cologne/Düsseldorf area, just let me know.... ( tbukkems (at) planet dot nl night do the trick!)