Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shoey's Album Of The Month - Oct.

New albums from Yello, Goats & Bunnymen all in one month? Very tempting, but these are my choices for Oct. One can be declared Shoey AOTM. Over to you:

Bless Those
4 People
You Go On Ahead (Trumpet, Trumpet II)
Bonfires on the Heath


debbym said...

Hi Shoey,
Just listened to #1 (Bless Those) and I'd definitely like to hear more of that!

debbym said...

Enjoyed #2 more than I thought I would when it started, but still prefer #1

debbym said...

#3 - now this is really awakening my interest! Rather like the sheer quantity of lyrics.

debbym said...

Not feeling mellow enough for #4 right now

debbym said...

#5 in the wrong mood for this as well this afternoon - so, that's me down to #1 or #3, hmmmm

debbym said...

OK, I'm going with You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)

Thank you, Shoey!

DarceysDad said...

1. Oh, yes, please! Living Colo(u)r? Tackhead? I don't get that giveaway info (when the cursor goes over a track) that some of you lot seem to get.

2. Nah.

3. Interesting.

4. Mmmm. Maybe (like Debby) I'm just not in the mood; this should be pushing my buttons, but somehow it isn't.

5. Yep, that does hit the spot.

So ...

1 & 5 are in a photo-finish, but I figure I'd learn more if it was 3 or 4. Anything but 2, in other words, Shoey.


Shoey said...

Here are the nominees:

Living Colour
Solillaquists of Sound
Sunset Rubdown
Russian Circles

If DsD is splitting his vote again, then SR have the edge for now. Another 1 from them on track 7 of my Moon list if you want some more Debby (in my sleepy state, I posted the album title "Dragonslayer" instead of the band name over on RR this week. Doh!).

DarceysDad said...

Just call me Mr. Decisive ... or Ol'LaserFocus ... or ... D'OH!

nilpferd said...

I'm with 2. or 5. no, 2. Although..

it's 2.

treefrogdemon said...

1 or 4

Mnemonic said...

5 for me.

DarceysDad said...

Shoey, I've been playing these a lot this afty/eve (when not watching LFC drop another clanger), and after reviewing the photo-finish, I'll take more of 5. please.

The Living Colour is excellent (and already on my Walkman) but I don't need convincing about them.
Instead I think I'd rather make some room for some Russian Circles in the same genre section of the DsD collection as Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut and Explosions In The Sky.

Shoey said...

**Gets out envelope, turns it over, scratches out scores & starts over**