Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Magic Theatre: a public service announcement

After discovering Shorley Wall on RR a year or so ago, I signed up to the Ooberman mailing list. In return, they let me download their entire back catalogue for free. So I'm well disposed to them. Anyway, I just received this email about their new venture as The Magic Theatre, a baroque-pop Beatles-meets-Tchaikovsky concept album. It's really very lovely.

Hi there,

Dan Pop, Ooberman singer here.

Me and Sophia from Ooberman have been working on a new album (London Town by The Magic Theatre) for the last 4 years, a real labour of love, with a time-travel love story, real choirs and orchestra, but beautiful pop songs.

In keeping with the 1968 meets 1888 time travel story, the sounds were inspired by those two eras – Sgt Pepper era Beatles meets Tchaikovsky. With a bit of Beach Boys on backing harmonies. And the Mamas and Papas, and so on.

It’s the best stuff we’ve ever written, my best production and Sophia’s best singing performances – really I’m very very proud of this.

You don’t have to take my word for it though! The album isn’t out until March but we’ve made it all available free on 11 HD videos that you can click and watch now:

A limited number of signed CDs is being sold there until Christmas, so if you really like it tell someone to buy you one for a present.

Please take a look, you’ll realise how much work and love has gone into this.

Watch the title cards at the beginning of each video to piece together the story.


We don’t have much of a promotion budget (a frightening amount has been spent on the recordings, artwork and videos, but this is on our own tiny label and there’s no money left for adverts!)

So we’re hoping that if you think the album is something very special that deserves to be heard, you’ll be willing to forward this email to your friends so that they can come and have a look, and so on until the whole world has experienced the magical free videos.

It’s worth a try!


Was this email forwarded to you by a friend? If so, hello! Go and have a look at the videos:

And if you like it, you could:

1. Buy the album here
2. Join the mailing list – by sending an email here (this also lets you download Ooberman’s entire back catalogue of 100 tracks, all free), and
3. Forward this email to your friends

Spread the love!

Thanks for reading. We’d really love to hear your impressions of the album and the videos, so once you’ve had a good listen please write back to us at:


Dan Popplewell
Facebook: The Magic Theatre


treefrogdemon said...

More free music:

AliMunday said...

It's very peaceful. Just the thing at the end of the day.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ barbryn - you won't be surprised to know that I love Ooberman - particularly Shorley Wall.

saneshane said...

I downloaded all the stuff I didn't have.. thought toffee would have listened to this and FP too.

they had sent out the workings of the vids a while back I think...
(as I have trouble reading, I find the videos off putting, distracts me from the songs.. but lovely burnt manuscript style otherwise) I will be interested in listening to the whole album idea straight through tho...

barbryn said...

@ToffeeBoy - not surprised at all. It was your enthusiastic donding of (I think) GarethI's nomination of Shorley Wall that inspired me to check them out in the first place. Somehow that song never crossed my radar when it came out - it's definitely my favourite discovery of the last year or so. So thanks for that.

TracyK said...

I've met them, several times, Dan Pop and Sophia are lovely, lovely people. Shame Ooberman never made it, they were a corkingly strange little band. Love this, thank you for bringing it to my attention!