Friday, March 7, 2008

buildings are my friends

Some building themed tracks...

Rhythm and blues angus steakhouse by Cabbage Boy- classic ninja tunes style breakbeats, brilliant samples.

More Ninja tunes: Build a church with your fear, by Animals on wheels.

Fiddler on the roof by the Cannonball Adderley sextet- Surprisingly funky, soul-jazz treatment of the musical's theme song

Haunted house by Grant Mclennan- halfway between elation and exorcism- one of the most emotional tracks by the ex- Go-between.

Arkhangelsk by Erik Truffaz- strange and lopsided, like the "buildings" of anarchitect Richard Greaves, created out of found objects.

If you want to know what an anarchitect is, visit:

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Frogprincess said...

That Cabbage Boy track just hits the spot. Einfach wunderbar. will post my list up tomorrow so as not to 'top' (in terms of page height) yours. Very much enjoying your selection.

nilpferd said...

Thanks FP! I'm cool about having my height topped btw, I'm not one of those architects trying to build things higher than anyone else (chance would be a fine thing..)