Sunday, March 2, 2008

Extreme Accordians

Thanks to saneshane for posting this one on RR:

the accordian (or accordeon, as it is spelled over here) is one of my favourite instruments, some cool examples:
Rap meets accordian: Texta ft. Attwenger, from Austria:

Attwenger at their best: of the catchiest accordian tunes ever, even includes some hardcore yodeling: Hubert von Goisern - Koa Hiatamadl


goneforeign said...

I've been reluctant to admit to this lot that I like accordions [and bandoneons], it would be like saying 'I like banjos or ukuleles'. Have you seen the DVD 'Accordion Tribe'? Some wonderful stuff on there. Specifically I love more than any other, Richard Galliano, solo, duos and trios. Next up, Guy Klucevsek, Piazzolla and Artango.
There's a German guy on the DVD who's name escapes me for the moment, he's amazing, plus there's a Scandinavian woman who is similar; this prompts me to get the DVD out again.
If they'd play it I'd post it.
Try youtube for Accordion Tribe, bet there's some up there.

treefrogdemon said...

I like accordions! Especially Flaco Jimenez playing one.

TonNL said...

for some Flaco Jimenez inspired accordeon fun: here are our local heroes Roween Heze, together with their heroes Los Lobos, assisted by a mariachi band, doing the classic 'Anselma' (or 'Bestel mar', the Rowwen Heze version), enjoy, Fiesta!!!!!

el derino said...

Accordions are awesome. Well, I would say that, since I play it myself... Pretty much all Scottish/Irish music though so it's good to hear some other stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have both Attwenger and Hubert von Goisern in my collection .. to fill in the gaps between all that Peter Hammill and Phil Jeays... Ahhh you can practically smell the Alps. I would recommend any accordian fans check out Michael Ward Bergeman as well some great contributions on Hyper Accordian to recent works by Osvaldo Golijov and with Dawn Upshaw, worked on the soundtrack to F.F.Coppola's recnt film, Youth without Youth, and will be touring the UK in May with the accordian as part of the Groanbox Boys, see you there!