Saturday, March 8, 2008


There's not much left of Fotheringhay Castle, in Northants, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned by Elizabeth I and where she was executed.

Dundrennan Abbey, which was the last place that Mary slept in before leaving Scotland, is very near where I live and has fared slightly better.

Sandy Denny had a bit of a thing about Mary and wrote a song about her called 'Fotheringay', here performed by Sandy with Fairport Convention. After she left Fairport she formed a band called...Fotheringay.


TracyK said...

I must admit, I just love the word Fotheringay. I'm fascinated by Tudor history too (hard not to be really), looking at old buildings is brilliant! Love Sandy's voice too, thanks for posting this.

treefrogdemon said...

I like Tudors too...Hatfield House and Audley End are lovely. Scary times to live in though.

goneforeign said...

TFG: I've been saving this, loved FP, does anyone sound like that anymore? I didn't buy enough of their albums when I had the chance; should probably get a "best of".

treefrogdemon said...

No, they really don't...I have a lot of early Fairport: do you use Yahoo Messenger? That's a really good way to send music files.

I do have one compilation, called 'Chronicles' which is pretty good - I bought it in a state of shock on finding that a) a real record shop had opened in Dumfries and b) they had a Fairport record!

It's on - I just looked.

goneforeign said...

Thanks, I shall investigate Yahoo messenger.
I have one double FC album, Meet on the ledge which I enjoy but there's so much of that genre and era that I don't know about. Bloke I've come to appreciate is Fred Neil, there's a double 'best of' available that I should get, I just have a few single cuts.