Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tally Ho!

No doubt this'll take Nilpferd back: the first single from the Clean - I came across a reference to it on another blog so I looked it up on youtube and ended up playing it about 15 times in a row. The organ line is just insanely addictive, and I suspect it's just taken up residence in my brain for the forseeable future. I also love the none-more-DIY video - half in negative because they accidentally opened the camera and exposed the film.


treefrogdemon said...

This is a real dances-round-the-kitchen one - if my computer were in the kitchen, which it isn't.

nilpferd said...

Great track. I think the organist was Martin Phillips from the Chills.
Recommend "Anthology" if you don't have it- a good overview of the Clean. A couple of disposable tracks but 95% brilliant.
Might help if you want to get Tally Ho out of your brain at some stage- there are at least 5 other equally addictive "ear worms" on there..