Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I need you to help me count my toes

six quid, six quid? what does six quid get you these days, i ask you? 
the answer is of course, Devendra Banhart's "Cripple Crow" on double gatefold vinyl - which I picked up from the record shop today - and from it here's the infectious video for "I feel just like a child" - which I think has made it onto an RR a or b list in the past. 


nilpferd said...

six quid? What's that in Euros?

ejaydee said...

About 8

nilpferd said...

Eight Euros gets you:
two Döners
two packs of fags
a large whisky or a good whisky
two Currywurst and a pils
A ride to the end of the line and back on a Stuttgart tram.. but not on Friday, cos they'll be on strike

glasshalfempty said...

Thanks Blimpy, it's ages since I heard this classic Devendra. He's half Tiny Tim and half Antony Hegarty and half acid freak. Very patchy output unfortunately, but this one's a goodie...

Blimpy McFlah said...

@nilp - as much as i like the things you listed, i didn;t fancy any of them today.

@ghe - tis indeed a shame about the patchiness that goes along with his prolificity (is that a word?) - although he'll have a fab greatest hits by the time he's 30.

have you heard MachineGunMounTain?

They've taken the new-psyche thing and ran off to a rave with it:


I love the bit where he's riding a kitten -awesome!

glasshalfempty said...

@Blimpy - awfully sorry, I missed this post earler. No, I'd never heard of MGMT, and it's a really far out track/video, so thanx. Liked the song, and also the surfing bits in the video. And the Inca pyramid reminded me of Goneforeign's tale of scorpions in the dark...There are just so many great bands out there. I'm working my way through the selection of SXSW mp3s on gorilla vs bear at the moment. And a nice long train journey tomorrow with a loaded iPod...