Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Sorry, don't have another pic..
OK, Lesson one: If you're going to get serious with Google, check your spelling! Senor Google does not tolerate 'mistakes', If you search for for "George Schaeffer" and don't find anything don't blame Google, he's got it filed under Georg Schafer, and if you search for that, then you will be rewarded! As I finally was. I got a Wiki lead that was invaluable: ie: Georg Schafer
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Georg Shäfer, Anglicized as "Georg Schafer" and "Georg Schaefer" a.k.a. Oma Ziegenfuss, Oma Ling Pa and (occasionally) Georg Shepherd, was a painter and author who worked in Germany, Sri Lanka, Guatemala......
Google it properly if you're interested, there's more....
When you discover that your other potential source is 'Nan Cruz', who you didn't know was his wife, look for alternates, there's clues that her name is Nan Cuz! Check that and you'll find : "[Editor's note: Nan Cuz is an internationally famous Guatemalan artist and she has an interesting artist's house in Panajachel."

Whoa, that's the house we're talking about! That's what we have pictures of. Suddenly it's all opening up, suddenly here's George, there's Nan, it's all starting to make sense.
A week ago I didn't know any of this but I was curious, so I kept on searching, Here's some leads for those of you who are also curious, given all of the foregoing there's a lot that's interesting.

There was this book that George mentioned, I just ordered it online!
I have it somewhere in my slide collection but I can't find it and there it is online for $10 bucks! I just ordered it!
Google and the Internet is amazing, I'm currently reading "Weaving the Web' by Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of www, check it!
I'll do a follow up up on this piece if there's some interest, there's so much happening that I didn't know....


treefrogdemon said...

Fascinating stuff gf - and you your very self are now on Google page 1, as I found when following your Google trail.

goneforeign said...

treefrog: That's amazing, I had no idea, there's a page of me up there, everyword I've said right here, I'll bet we're all up there. Google your noms de plume.
Senor halfempty triggered something on the other comments list when he mention the scorpions episode which is another story on my blog, but it was also in Guatemala, I'd forgotten about it but I got me thinking. I've been to Guatemala several times back then and there's several more interesting tales attached, perhaps I'll do some more and see what happens if I combine them? Got thousands of photos.

Phil Deely said...

FYI-I just inherited a huge Nan Cruz painting [approx 48x36] from my dad and am trying to figure out what to do with it!

Anonymous said...

I worked with the artist for a number of years. We worked on collective expressions in art. In able to assist you I would need to see a photo of your painting. I recommend that you NOT sell it. Since the artist died the paintings only grow in value. The art circles are beginning to talk about the fact that the painting signed Nan Cuz were the works of her husband Georg (Oma) Schafer. I wrote the article in the Wikipedia. I am 73 years old and currently living in Thailand. Please feel free to contact me:
F Gold