Thursday, March 11, 2010

All new Japanther - Double take

Although I love a good cover tune, i've never cared for alt. versions and don't have too much time for remixes unless they are radically different. But this pair of tracks that bookend Japanther's (the band Japanther of course, not me!) new album are so different (even going so far as to get someone else to sing it - Anita Sparrows) that I thought it worth posting them both.

That the song itself is a fine slice of lo-fi indie art-pop goes without saying (if you like that kind of thing) but which version is better?!

She's The One
Alone In The Basement


steenbeck said...

I like She's the One a million times better. ANd I like it a lot!! I'm going to take an ugly male voice over a pretty female voice any day, for some reason, but I also think it fits better with the fuzzy energy of the song.

Blimpy said...

Japanther - ATR have reformed!

Japanther said...

@steen - thanks for listening, i much prefer "She's The One" too. with songs this poppy it still puzzles me why they aren't at least as big as....oh...I don't know.....The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart??!

@blimpy - really? now, that should be interesting, can a group of people in their forties re-create the unbridled fury and energy of their youth I wonder?? still one of my top 5 best ever gigs - seriously scary stuff!

BeeMac said...

these musics are rocking - fanks 'panther!

BeeMac said...

I love The Pains, I listened to them on the bus this morning.