Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful World

When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True
Most Beautiful
Sad & Beautiful World
A Beautiful Peace

Oh You Pretty Things
There She Goes My Beautiful World
The Beautiful Silence
Make Hell For The Beautiful People
The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned


Shoegazer said...

Decided to limit my themed playlist to 10 tunes. Would much prefer the tunes to be listened to as a playlist, rather than sucked into a box & am grateful to all my friends who find the time to do just that.

Might even self-limit myself to a max of 10 noms/week when I decide to return to RR.



Blimpy said...

not meaning to threadjack here, but there's new free pocohaunted over on GvsB - an eight minute jam no less

i know there's a couple of spillers that will understand what that near incomprehensible wordbabble means

Blimpy said...

oh, and spill fave esau very best doing the xx

Shoegazer said...

As that's 2 good tips, no jackapology required.

saneshane said...

the more I look at the word beautiful - the worse it gets - the letters just don't scan well together, stupid and ugly and difficult. Beautiful as a word now gets sent to room 101.
Ya Bo Sucks - idiot spelling!

Sparklehorse (I have that album somewhere - ummm where?) and AGF my faves - the umbrella was fun too. (as were the rest - but these floated my boat this evening)

Nice work fella - it's going to be lost this weekend in the deluge of tracks though - good amount to get through, I keep trying to narrow my choices down... but fail when I start enjoying the tracks.

Shoegazer said...

Cheers, Shane. Decide to start editing & then an avalanche shows up. No problem - the more 'Spill tunes the better & there will be another theme along next week.