Tuesday, March 23, 2010

C is for Conquering Animal Sound

Euan at mini50 records mailed me about a band called Conquering Animal Sound from Edinburgh, so, they're filling the "c" slot in the A-Z of Scottish Indie. Though I don't think they sound Scottish - more like a beautiful broketronica Bjork and amazing with it.

Very promising indeed, hopefully I'll get to see them if I get to the Meursault album launch. The song "Alice Shoes" is for sharing, and if you go to their myspace here you can hear a song called "Giant" which I think is fab and is going to be on the single that's about to come out. The other tune on their myspace is "Maschine" which is even better still!


Shoegazer said...

Sure they are very fine, but not nearly Ginger enough. Has to be CALVIN PARTY.

Captain Raveman said...

I likey!