Sunday, March 7, 2010


so this is the normal - sensitive song writing bloke adores woman, woman pisses off with someone else.. (what, because you are NICE, lovely, a friend, not a bastard, thoughtful, a wimp.. or wanking over your guitar- delete where appropriate)
Elegant Lines (Love You Mix)

hey look - my chance to play this track yeah- 2mins 40ish she mentions "..your vision of beauty.." and the great extended remix (I know it's the same at the beginning and end, just added sax in the middle - but that IS the meaning of life)
How Do I Love Thee

I only know this version, so hope it is a slight change to the original, and doesn't annoy DsD.
Beauty Dies Young (Graham Coxon Mix)

I was thinking of the subject while reading about International Woman's Day - this song crept into my mind- an artist that doesn't tramp the dirt down on the faces of collaborators as she makes it to the top - beautiful, natural and sexy song - (but obviously a feckin nut nut - what's not to admire?)
My Spine

it's ace.. (can you tell my typing finger is aching?)
Young And Beautiful

always long for those that are slightly more unstable than you are.. it makes going home on your own less likely... ( a good cover)
Faraway Eyes

2 minutes(ish) in.. there's a faint (sympathy for the devil) whoo hoo right down in the mix, it that kind of detail that makes my life worth living!
Ageless Beauty

I was the only one able to photograph my friends when we were teenagers.. because I destroyed the images so well.. this song reminds me of a very beautiful person who didn't wake up.
How Beautiful You Are

peacocks - I'm told you shouldn't take lots of LSD on Brownsea Island and try to make a video.
Peacocks In The Video Rain
peacocks can be distracting and you just know it's females that have to keep them in order.. make sure the fridge is full, pants are clean.. that kind of stuff.

Handsome devil who?
This Charming Man

now this is more like it.. a tattooed tit that says #13 - what have I been thinking.
No. 13 Baby
(I'm trying the other way of posting tracks- so hope they work.)


Shoegazer said...

Hoping this will be the bouncy bass US version of Charming Man - been looking for another copy of that one for ages. Looking forward to my weekly Shane fix.

Blimpy said...

god, please extend the number of hours in the day, i'm only just in from a production meeting about the first 'spillharmonic video production, and i NEED MORE TIME!!!

shoey said...

Not the bouncey version but good to hear again anyway. They are classics for a reason. Quite a rock-out week in the Shane room, apart from Bjork playing with her milk bottles & the countrifried Faraway Eyes (loved that one btw). Coxon wins the die young face-off for me. Cheers.