Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trip-Hop Ping-Pong Sing-Song

This - I'm sure - doesn't really fit this week's RR topic, but for those who haven't heard it before, see what you think: is that percussion the sound of someone on the table tennis table in the studio back room, or what?!




saneshane said...

I haven't listened to this in an age.. love it.

I always thought it was Tilly + the wall style tapping on a alloy floor slowly... but table tennis.. that fits.

Blimpy said...

minor threadjack observation type comment: the new laura marling album is quite frankly jaw-dropping in places

DarceysDad said...

As you're there, Shane, can I say a gobsmacked, breath-taken, massive thank you for the prezzie my postie delivered on Friday? Guess what I've been doing whilst not bothering with RR this weekend??


saneshane said...

I thought you might like a cheer up.

as Blimpy points out above.. this month is a stunning one for new albums.. (how has he got laura marling already hey?)


Blimpy said...

okay okay - i couldn't wait until tomorrow! but i will be going to buy it on my lunch break, that's a promise!