Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've got a....

and just like my artwork.. if you've got some F/X .. why don't you use them?
Bathtime In Clerkenwell - bubbles
Mashin' On The Motorway - my bad
Looks Like We're Shy One Horse - Shoot Out- yes it's got horses
Terrible Angels - piggies.. so many piggies.. all those piggies

Loose Fix (Perfecto 12" Mix) -anyone seen my dragon?
Purrfect- you want cats, I'll give you..... footsteps.
Close (To The Edit) -and the kitchen sink - really.. if I could find Max Headroom... altogether now "where's my teasmaid"
The North Wind- papa 'wots that sound?' 'that's a typewriter boy' 'wot's a typewriter..wear do they keap da spelchek?' ''how do I save" "arrrggggggg"

Sea Swells And Distant Squalls - it sounds....(well, like the GLOVE - Sex-Eye-Make-Up).. not a bad thing.. just a thing... like a lost thing thats just been found, but isn't really in the right place.
Relax (Club 69 Future Anthem, Pt. 1) if you are going to have a sound effect - let's get spunky! hit me with those lazar beams - why don't ya.
Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - it's touchdown in Ibiza circa 2000..whoosh. sing posh blue peter daughter sing.
Kik Off - did I fit in the bells.. well here's the whistles.


B-Mac said...

the video for bathtime is pretty neat

steenbeck said...

Who? Who? Whoooooooo?

So far I love the first three. They're all brilliant. Still listening....

Shoegazer said...

Shame you didn't play this week - most of these classix were left on the shelf. Did you get the db stuff (thought I might have broken it at one point)?

saneshane said...

I answered on the other spill too, but just incase!

....yeah, shoey ploughing through the albums every day – some corkers..

I was going to post a list – even checked to see the donds – then got distracted!

Blimpy -the bathtime video is excellent – first seen at an animation exhibition years ago – got me interested in what they collaborate on.

steen here’s the full list:
(whoops I’m sure I’d cut it down to ten!)

Bathtime In Clerkenwell - The Real Tuesday Weld
Mashin’ On The Motorway - DJ Shadow
Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse – Shoot Out Colourbox
Terrible Angels - CocoRosie
Loose Fix (Perfecto 12″ Mix) - Happy Mondays
Purrfect - Funki Porcini
Close (To The Edit) - Art of Noise
The North Wind - Hanne Hukkelberg
Sea Swells And Distant Squalls - Pram
Relax (Club 69 Future Anthem, Pt. 1) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) - Spiller Feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Kik Off - Blak Twang