Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beauty is in the Ear of the Beholder

My mobile phone's camera has unfortunately failed to do justice to Friday's spectacularly beautiful sunset; the pinks and oranges amongst the blue and against the silhouettes was breathtaking. But it was an obvious shoo-in for this post. :o)

Lowgold's original of Beauty Dies Young added for Shane to compare

Fort Lauderdale - Beauty
Aynsley Lister - Beautiful (Keiana's Song)
Ian McNabb - Why Are The Beautiful So Sad?
Shack - Beautiful
Lowgold - Beauty Dies Young


Makinavaja said...

Sometimes we have to make do with the photo we got. Anyway, it's a nice photo and brings back memories of northern winter skies for this expat!! Enjoyed the Shack track the most. Thanks.

saneshane said...

so Mr.DsD, how different is the Graham Coxon mix to the original of Beauty dies young? (see above)

Fort Lauderdale got me right into listening this evening - Shack will always have their fans, but are so hard to convince others of their worth..

and the photo is pretty good for a camera phone.