Monday, March 15, 2010

He's a hoot!

I like Toffee's idea of posting a picture of 'Spillers in their owl shirts. PROJECT OWL!! To start it off, here's the boy who started it off.


Makinavaja said...

A portrait of the artist...

We'll be sending a photo of Mrs Maki holding the t shirt. Might be a while before she can actually wear it!

We've sent Malcolm a Spanish owl. Hope he likes it.

saneshane said...

He looks ace in his tee

steen.. you should get the T-shirts done in spreadshirt - they'll last really well - I can do malcolms image so it can be printed - and the instructions - that you could e-mail out... I just designed a long sleeve dark blue tee with his image on and it would cost £12.90 plus postage (I can usually find some extra discounts too) you can also do more expensive ones/ short sleeve/ hoodies.... then open a malcolm monster tee shop and he can earn his college fund!!!

got to sleep now.. ill house :(

ToffeeBoy said...

Hey steen - it was bishbosh's idea not mine!

bishbosh said...

Great idea, whoever originated it. I would probably have been too bashful to post publicly if you hadn't bigged it up!

Malcolm looks very smart in his tee!

steenbeck said...

Shane - it would look nice on dark blue! I'd like to see your design. I'll look into spreadshirt. I have some friends who have done some shirts on cafe press, I think.

I hope everyone feels better in the Sane household.

I've also done some transfers just like this that have lasted a decade, though, so sometimes there's no school like the old school.

Having seem Malcolm's after I sent some out, I might suggest clipping it a little closer to the picture, because there's a bit of an off-white border as it is. Of course, once I've worked my laundry magic on it the whole shirt will be off-white, so it will all blend together nicely!

saneshane said...

old school is great steen... and transfers are cool.

I'm just being distracted .. (I've got to do some extra (shit) work at the moment) so fun thing are always good...

see if this link works:

malcolms owls

I used this ages ago to do a tee for Ru (who is still puking)

the other thing I found was:
who will do a white tee 'test' shirt for 2 dollars.. their print quality is good too, but a touch more expensive... after the test one.

I think cafepress charged to have a shop.. when I looked into it years ago..
oh the link seems to work..

okay tomorrow DsD and Shoey get Tees loaded on!!!!!

AliMunday said...

Super picture Steenbeck. I love owls, I used to collect them (not real ones, obviously) and still have odd ones floating about (like a toothbrush stand, a salt cellar and various other un-owly things that surprise you by being owls).

debbym said...

Hi Steen,
just luuuuurve this idea!
When I took the rubbish out this afternoon, someone was chucking a giant owl flowerpot-type thingy - actually, it might just be an umbrella stand - anyways, it came home with me to enhance our wee garden (not too keen on umbrellas in our house).
This can't be mere coincidence (can it?)

ToffeeBoy said...

Steen - a thank you poem for Malcolm

An owl arrived today in the post,
I said, I like this letter the most,
And I plan to put the image onto a T-shirt,
But not while I'm wearing it - duh! - that would hurt,
And besides, I'm wearing a work shirt with a tie on,
I guess I'll have to wait tomorrow to get out the iron.