Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1.What's your favourite kind of jam?
1a. Do you have it with butter?

2. We all have a sports team we follow from afar, that's close to our heart but isn't the one we're most passionate about. What's your second team?

3. What's your pet peeve? Go on, vent.

4. What's your favourite "chore"?

5. Not so topical anymore, but what's your favourite Winter Olympics discipline?
5a. Has Tincanman's beard, snapped here attending the Olympics, grown too long?


DarceysDad said...

I'll have to treat this as a quick-quiz, as I'm off to work for a couple of nights shortly:

1. Damson. From fruit from trees in a couple of family members' gardens.
1a. WHAT? People eat jam without butter too? ARE YOU MAD?!?!?

2. Footy - Alloa Athletic.
Gridiron - New Orleans Saints. :o)
Baseball - Cincinnati Reds. :o(

3. Idiot drivers. Red light jumpers; mobile phone texters; make-up appliers; "I'm speed-limit exempt" taxi drivers; and most of all, solid-white-line overtakers. Oh, for a guided-missile cannon on my car. And I'm very, VERY serious about that desire. If I ruled the world, I'd make rank stupidity behind the wheel a '3-strikes-and-you're-out' offence. 'Out' being capital punishment: I'm not pissing about with bans for people to ignore!!

4. Does not compute! 'Chore' is defined as "unpleasant task" in my dictionary. I like mowing the lawn, ergo it's not a chore. It's relaxing, I can plug the earpieces in, and the results always please me.

5. Curling, definitely. I could watch it on TV for hours, but I suspect I wouldn't have the same patience live. I find the overhead camera view of the house essential, and am always fascinated by the discussions when the teams are miked up at something as major as the Olympics.
5a. Nah. He's awaiting his audition to be ZZ Top's touring spoons player.

tincanman said...

Thanks for these eJay. They were getting rather too personal for awhile. My wife was logging in to see what I actually felt/thought.

1.favourite kind of jam? Apricot. No butter on good bread; butter on scones

2. sports team: Detroit Pistons (NBA)

3.pet peeve? Selfishness in any form

4. favourite "chore"? Laundry, cause I only have to get up once an hour and reload.
''You did nothing but sit there listening to music all day!''
''Hah,. says you! I did the laundry.''

5. Winter Olympics discipline? Biathlon. Handicapped people get their own games, so why shouldn't bi athletes at least get their own event.
5a. Dad?

ejaydee said...

Some nutters do have it without, II know someone who's actually repulsed by it. Folly. While I'm here, I might answer my own questions:

1. Raspberry jam, mmm, of course with butter

2. Football: Oxford Utd, PSG
US Football: SF 49ers

3. At the moment, only those in the UK with a TV will know, it's the ad where the fake tenor sings Go Compare! AAaargh, and before that there was the one in, I think it was Barclaycard or O2, doing semi magic tricks with his hand, looking at the camera with fuck-me eyes. Ugh, what a bellend. He might a nice guy in real life though. Oh and the despicable frat boys in the Pepsi ads, deceiving girls to get them to be interested in their empty personalities. DOn't know why I'm concentrating on ads, but I'll come back to this, the possibilities are endless.

4. Brooming, I think all the best "chores" are relaxing.

5. Tough one, I liked what i saw of Ski Cross, I have fond memories of the SKi Jumping competition in Nagano, but haven't really followed since. I might just go with Downhill skiing.

saneshane said...

quick quiz too (gotta pick my son up from school)

1 - a funky jam
1a - butter hell yes - as someone once remarked, "heart attack on toast again"

2 football : St. Pauli (Hamburgs only team - and just as rubbish as my first choice team)

back with more later.

debbym said...

1. More of a marmelade kind of gal
1a. Yes; but only ever on brown bread or toast.

2. Well, I don't really have a first team - except when England are playing Germany - but I do like to check from time to time that Leyton Orient is still in existence.

3. Currently people who read a (personal) email or text message but don't bother to send an answer back (not that I'm EVER guilty of this myself). For goodness sake, if a question's being asked, all you have to do is hit 'yes' or 'no', people, and get down to the details later...

4. Writing 'thank you' letters (yes, those old fashioned things called sheets of paper besquiggled with ink) - to my shame it's only then I actually make time to sit down and write. I confess - I am a letter lover.

5. I am fascinated - in a car crash kind of way - by the whole thing. I hate ice with a vengeance (snow I tolerate for the day or so before it turns slushy) and cannot conceive of voluntarily spending time practising stuff to do on ice, or standing around watching other people voluntarily do stuff on ice. I belong to the beer on the sofa school of winter sports!
5a. Surely that's EXODUS with some winter padding?

treefrogdemon said...

1 Don't eat jam, but if I did - blueberry.
1a If I did, I would.

2 We do, do we? No we don't. I despise all team games.

3 People who talk about football all the time...No, scrub that: but there's a very macho culture at the top of my organisation and they do talk sport a lot. Mostly rugby.

4 'Doing' the washing. All you do is collect up your dirty clothes, put them in the washing machine with some Ecover, turn it on, wait till it's finished, take the clothes out. I remember a time when I had 3 children under five, all in nappies, and no washing machine. (And no disposable nappies either.) Ha!

5 Ice dance. I don't like the other kinds of figure skating because I hate it when they fall. Ice dance post-T&D (because now they all dance to a single piece of music, instead of 3 or 4 separate bits) is just magic.
5a It's long, but it's daily growing.

Shoegazer said...

1. Blackberry
2. QPR
3. Peeve is a great name for a pet
4. Favorite chore is an oxymoron
5. Anything involving judges to decide the winner should be banned. Love the newer events where snowborders race each other directly instead of chasing the clock.
b. & he's heightening again

steenbeck said...

1. Raspberry, preferably seedless, with butter, but the butter has to be melted (so, on toast).

But I like black currant a lot as well, possibly because it's really hard to find here. I want to grow some black currant bushes. ANybody know anything about that? It's a bee in my bonnet at the moment.

2. I feel like any sports team I follow these days is from afar, because I try not to let myself get too involved. So maybe the Mets. Or the Knicks.

3. I used to have a cat named steve, and we called him Peeve, so he was our pet peeve. I think at the moment it's willful ignorance, as practiced by Glenn Beck fans and Sarah Palin supporters. Drives me fucking crazy.

4. I like grocery shopping, because I like cooking (does that count as a chore? because then that would be my favorite) I love the produce aisle. Yup. ANd the international foods aisle.

5. What was that one where they were on skis and they were flying around over some obstacle course with lots of jumps and stuff. Not the one where they were trudging along, the one where it really seemed like they were flying? That looked like fun.

b. Not at all. He can store things in it. Or TatankaYotanka can knit him a sweater out of it. (Was it TY that did the knitting?)

Fintan28 said...

1a.Lingon berry when I can get it.
1b. Most Definitely.

2. Any team that's playing the Yankees.

3.True believers or purists of any stripe. The idea any of us possess the absolute truth just drives me crazy.

4.I'm an electrician an I aquire a lot of small parts in boxes, jars etc. Sorting those while watching sports especially golf (you don't have to pay strict attention & when you look up it's usually pretty) I would have said cooking but that's not a chore if you enjoy it.

5a.I'm a skier & as much as I love it I've always tried to keep the skis in contact with the snow, so I'm just amazed at the ski jumpers whose goal is the exact opposite.

5b. Quite attractive for a Bi Athlete.

Makinavaja said...

1. Strawberry (homemade) with lots of melted butter on toast, please.
2. Exeter City FC - I always check for their results. At Uni I used to find it amusing to go and support the home team at St. James's Park being a 'Boro supporter...
3. Litter
4. I quite like ironing but apparently I'm crap and very slow so Mrs Maki doesn't let me iron very often.
5. Curling. I find the whole idea of brushing and sweeping ice delightful.

saneshane said...

3 - at the moment, the TV license fee death threat letters.. (we have a house we can't sell at the moment - arrgh) but it's empty.. yep even the TV. But that is affront to the BBC, TVs are attached to everything/always/ WE have to prove a TV does not exist or we are not secretly traveling 15 miles to watch their unmissable output in an empty house .. what the fuck do they think I do?
after listening to records, I struggle to find more than 1 program to watch a week in the house I have a license in.
Fuckin egoist corporation!

(if I started on their ideas of what should be show/ produced under that license fee .. I'd be here all night)

there's a lot more serious things.. but this had the least swearing in it, and swearing isn't big and clever.. even on a computer for f***s sake.


sourpus said...

1. I'm with Steenbeck on the (preferably seedless) raspberry on toast (with butter) issue. Can do strawberry too if you dont have any razzer in.
2. Dont really have one, first or second. I only really cared for football in the full on sense when I was a lad. I used to have a tortoise called Arsenal mind.
3. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. It's all perfect. Sincerely. Get the picture?
4. Washing up. It's a 'having your hands in hot water' thing. Those in-the-know will understand.
5. Luge. And figure skating.

goneforeign said...

1. Home-made, I make lots every year, there's dozens of jars in the pantry right now. Currently I'm on a Mayer lemon marmalade binge, I made about 6 pints 3 months ago and I have it with buttered toast and a cup of tea everyday midmorning.

2. "We don't all have a sports team", I'm with Tree frog, not even slightly interested in any of them, I must be odd.

3. Pet peeve, it's much stronger than that, it's advertising when it interferes with entertainment. We've been brainwashed into believing that TV is an entertainment medium, it isn't, it's a sales medium. I don't watch TV if it has commercials in it, I use TIVO to delete them, similarly I don't listen to radio that intersperses it's music with advertising.

4. Favorite chore: I quite enjoy washing and polishing my cars a couple of times a year. I like it because the end result is worthwhile, they look brand new again. I do it very thoroughly, inside and out and under the bonnet, it takes a few hours but the iPod makes it pleasant.

5. Don't watch 'em, no favorites, though I did enjoy Werner Hetzog's documentary film "The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner" which was about Walter Steiner the ski jumper.
5a. I'm not sure if it's widely known but Tinny told me that he was hoping to join ZZ Top, haven't you all noticed his recent obsession with Texas blues? That red jacket was just for camouflage in a foreign land.

tincanman said...

Do you say Zee-Zee or Zaid-Zaid?

ejaydee said...

3. (again) Mosquitoes, especially the way they feel the need to buzz right in my ear, at the precise moment where I'm about to fall asleep. Seriously, what's up with that? I mostly get stung on my legs and arms, never near my ear, so why don't you just get on with your life's work, let me sleep and I'll deal with the consequences in the morning. Instead I'm forced to turn on the lights, and destroy you.

goneforeign said...

Tinny: It's ZeeZee here. Do they say ZedZed in UK?

tincanman said...

not a clue GF. One of others will know I'm sure.

saneshane said...

zee zee top most definitely

where was I before I got rudely interrupted by real life.

4 a chore that could have been a tough one, is keeping the wood burner going.. I ripped out the oil burning system (for eco reasons) that could have been a safety against this freezing winter.. My inner fire-starter (just a twisted fire-starter) is thoughally enjoying himself. (and I get to be a lumberjack with the logs and tights too......)

5 snowboarding
5a the more hidden he is the better!

Marconius7 said...

1. Raspberry - and I like the seeds
1a. With butter...absolutely
2. Not really a big sports fan, not even hockey (sacrilege for a Canadian, I know) So any team would be a second team for me and it would be the Pittsburgh Penguins
3. People who talk in movie theatres.
4. Weeding the garden on a nice warm summer day. Nice just to sit there soaking up the sun and pulling weeds.
5. Not a huge sports fan as noted but I think figure skating is absolutely amazing and gorgeous to watch.
5a. I was wondering who that guy in the stands was! He should keep the beard and see if Edward Lear's limerick is true -
There was an old man with a beard
Who said it's just as I feared,
Two owls and a hen
Four larks and a wren
Have all built their nests in my beard!

CaroleBristol said...

1.Bonne Maman Myrtille Sauvage

1a. Oh yes.

2. Leyton Orient. They were the closest team to where I lived as a girl. I used to go with my Dad when they played on Friday evenings, which they did a lot because Arsenal (my love), West Ham and the Spuds were so close that it was the best way for the Os to get a decent crowd.

3. Bloody cyclists who ignore traffic lights and road markings and who don't give hand signals. Note: not all cyclists, just the ones who think that they are above the annoying things like rules and seem to think that if they ignore cars they are somehow invincible.

4. Cooking?

5. Not interested in Winter sport at all.

5a. hahahahahahaha

Chris said...

1. Apricot.
1a. Flora margarine. I realised I could live without butter some years ago (and that 'allows' me to still put sugar in drinks.)
2. Man City. Not exactly 'afar' from me but, being a Manc, you have to choose one or the other. I always much preferred City's predictable unpredictability to the arrogant red slime...
3. Whilst also despairing of the re-born US neo-cons (frightening story in yesterday's Graun about the huge increase in white supremacist threats since Obama's election), I've had to deal with a couple of telephone 'help'lines recently. A brilliant way of enraging customers by making you: a) jump through Data Protection hoops to prove you are worthy of their attention, b) listen to repeated snatches of crap music and 'important customer service messages' and c) play numberwang; before calmly not helping at all really. And we get to pay for the extended call!
4. I don't mind ironing (another taste shared, Maki!) and I'm quite good at it.
5. I have watched small bits of Winter Olympics in years gone by but I don't have anything other than a ghoulish interest in watching people jump in the air and crash.... which is quite entertaining for a while.
5a. Would you ask that if it hadn't slipped from it's original position on the top of his head?

zag said...

EOTWQ ? But it's only Tuesday. Hang on, did I black out and miss a few days again ? Damn, that was strong stuff.

1) blackberry, mmmm.
1.a) I did until Mrs Zag married me and re-educated me. I don't know what I was thinking in the old days. Possibly . . . mmmm, sugar, seeeeeet, butter, sweeeeet.

2) Munster. While Leinster may temporarily be top of the pile, I have a certain amount of respect for Munster on account of being the "team most likely to win competitions" in an Irish context. Oh, and they gave the All Blacks a good run for their money last time out.

3) Oh, there's so many to choose from. Short version is people who bluster through something hoping to sound authoritative when they aren't. And then "de management" believe them . . .

4) Giving the kitchen a good old clean - a therapeutic routine when I need to not think about work. Either that or eating ice cream. That's a chore, right ?

5) Possibly a bit boring, but that combined yoke they do at the moment, because the people are either good at slalom or at downhill but not normally at both so you get people trying slalom at Olympic level who wouldn't pass muster for a division B team in the wilds of Austria.
5a) Call that a beard ? What age is he ? 17 or something . . .
5 alternate) probably the board-cross or ski-cross thing - at least there's some one on one going on there.

ToffeeBoy said...

1) Pineapple - a real 1970s favourite of mine.
2) The Boston Red Sox - Go Sox!
3) People who don't know how to spell 'definite' - there is no 'a' in the word. Honestly.
4) Gardening - particularly weeding by hand.
5) A mug of cocoa and a warm fireside
5a) I'm not surprised tincanman's beard snapped - it's bloody cold up there ...

Abahachi said...

@Zag: it's more or less the end of the RR week, as nominations have closed and we have a few days before the frenzy starts again...

1.Tricky. I love my home-made jams (blackcurrant, blackberry & apple, damson, gooseberry when the bastard badgers haven't eaten them), but I also love apricot. Probably blackcurrant for that gloriously tart edge to the sweetness, followed by gooseberry. Blackcurrants are dead easy to grow, steen, at any rate in the West of England.

1a: no butter these days, as my gall bladder starts screaming and I trun yellow; organic soya spread every time.

2.Football: I have a lot of affection for poor old Dynamo Dresden, partly because of their history and partly because I love the city. I don't really have a team in England, so either Norwich (family tradition) or Yeovil (local). Incidentally, I'm a bit puzzled by saneshane's answer, as HSV haven't been too bad this year - or is that the point? In rugby, it's Llanelli or nothing at club level, but nationally I generally root for Italy after Wales, simply because they try so hard, and of course it's almost anyone but England, at least in the Six Nations.

3. Currently, the way that my future Head of Department begins every email with "Hi folks!", and then uses "folks" at least twice more in the course of the message. It may be trivial, but I fear it's symptomatic, and it makes me want to headbutt the monitor.

4. Cooking isn't a chore for me but it is for Mrs Abahachi, so that works out very nicely.

5. I love biathlon - it's one of my favourite sports to watch on television, and I can go on for hours about how exciting it is (and about the charms of Magdalena Neuner, but that's another story).

5a. It's the length of his fingernails that worries me.

Abahachi said...

TURN yellow.

tincanman said...

And then proceed with caution if the way is clear.

saneshane said...

Aba - "Fußball-Club St.Pauli is based in the St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg. After dropping down to the Regionalliga, the then third football division in Germany, in 2002/03 and remaining there for four years. In 2007 promoted back to the 2.Bundesliga and stayed up after the 2008/09 season"
..they are the anarchist Kult club sort of, if you've seen the skull and crossbones about Hamburg.. that'll be them.

my first match there (proper standing terraces)
"You Englishman - who do you support?"
me "Norwich City"
German guy,"Knocked Bayern München out of europe one year - I'll get you a beer" and a tray of Astra was passed over heads to the very happy Englishman.

Hamburger SV are richer - better players - spat on!!!

saneshane said...

my cutting, pasting and boring abilities are definately outstanding.

sorry toffeeboy

bishbosh said...

1. Any. Seriously. Love all jams. Except possibly fig. Tastes a bit too much of earth.

1a. As far as I'm concerned, bread is just a vehicle for getting butter from the packet to my mouth. Of course with butter!

2. Don't *do* sport. At all. Sorry.

3. Utterly irrational, I know, but I object violently to women doing their make-up on public transport. I end up fantasising hopefully that they will take their eye out with a mascara brush.

4. Washing up. Hate drying, loathe putting away, but love having my hands in a bowl of piping hot soapy water. Hmm.

5. Is this sport again? Errrr.

5a. Love tinny, love his beard.

ejaydee said...

Funnily enough Carole, the last time I saw Oxford Utd was against Orient. Nice win tonight.

gremlinfc said...

1. Rhabarbermarmelade - mainly because it`s a fantastic word too...
2. Sheffield FC - as a coach I have become inextricably bound up with the World`s Oldest Club - officially recognised by FIFA.
3. Favouritism - nepotism etc
4. Cleaning the decking as soon as Spring really arrives...Easter?
5.Ski Jump - that really is an awesome sight and something I cannot imagine training for : how on earth do you become a Ski-jumper? Do you start off on tiddly little ramps?
5b. Where`s the pizza gone?

gremlinfc said...

Sorry , Just realised I totally misread 5b and misunderstood it as the beard had snapped attending the olympics...the pizza refers to a very similar pic I saw with same man but eating pizza in case I appear to have gone completely bloed & doof. Gruesse aus Deutschland.

ShariVari said...

1. Rose petal, possibly. I'm a fan of anything that reminds me of Turkish Delight. Other than that, blackberry. I'm trying to eat healthily so i'll forsake the butter.

2. I used to half-heartedly look out for AC Ajaccio as Alizee was briefly their mascot but i can't really say i have a second football team, behind the mighty Spurs. I do support Pakistan in the cricket when the Windies aren't in action though.

3. Intolerance.

4. There's something strangely enjoyable about putting Ghostface or Raekwon on and cleaning the kitchen.

5. Ski jumping, definitely. I even have an Adam Malysz t-shirt.

TonNL said...

1. Wooden Spoon Plum-Pear-Apple Jam, delicious stuff... (with the butter melting on toast of course...)

2. Bayern Munich nowadays, used to hate them, but nowadays they have the best coach in the world (Lous van Gaal), the best captain in the world (Mark van Bommel) and they play a most attractive attacking game (courtesy of Arje Robben & Frank Ribery), did anyone by chance see the Fiorentina CL game tonight?

3. People talking/phoning/making noise etc. in a "Silent Coompartment" in the train to and from work...

4. I love mowing the lawn with an old-fashioned, non-motorized lawnmower

5. Downhill skiing, as a Dutchman I should probably like speedskating, the only Winter Olympics discipline we are quite good at, but I hate it, I just think it is plain boring....

TonNL said...

5. PS. This should be an Olympic discipline:

Mnemonic said...

1. Rhubarb and ginger, on toast with unmelted butter (I seem to be alone here in not liking the toast to go soggy). If we are talking scones though, it's strawberry jam with clotted cream replacing the butter.

2. Not passionate about any team.

3. Shouty people (though Ejay struck a chord with that Go Compare ad. That, and the Dulcolax one will make me leave the room.)

4. Cleaning the oven. I only do it when it's really filthy and the transformation is delightful.

5. Giant slalom. Combines the thrill of downhill with the skill of slalom.

5a. Yes.

Abahachi said...

@saneshane: I have a fair amount of affection for St Pauli for the reasons you mention - and not least because, as a TSV 1860 Muenchen supporter, I wholly empathise with the situation of being the poorer, less successful team in a city. Oddly, there's a St Pauli skull & crossbones flag on the building opposite the hotel we normally stay in when in Munich.

I assume we can agree that TonNL is deluded, or simply corrupted by the wealth and glamour - I mean, how ridiculously lucky were Bayern to get past Fiorentina, *and* to have Nuernberg suddenly remembering how to play football against Leverkusen. My interest in HSV is confined to the rare occasions when they step up as a possible 'anyone but Bayern' candidate.

tincanman said...

I see the h'hate the big successful club' syndrome is alive and well in Germany. Bayern seems to be your equivalent of Man U in England. Or Canada in international football.

gremlinfc said...

Bayern were dreadful , their defending was Bezirksliga at best and if it werent for Robben , Van Bommel & Ribery theyd be AUS.
@TonNL / Abahachi - dont know if you are Toten Hosen fans but presume you both know their song "Bayern"? Its a fave of mine but difficult to translate as is mf fave chant "Schiess ein Tor-or-or" - simple but effective.
Tonight Arsenal Ladies play^Duisburg in the Ladies ChampiosnLeague quarter-finals inj front of expected crowd of 5,000- anyone fancy it?

May1366 said...

1. a) Quince, greengage or strawberry, provided it's in one of those little plastic cartons you get in hotels and breakfast bars when you're on holiday, which I most emphatically am not at the moment so maybe this is just a craving. Otherwise, there's a pair of very lovely women called Sugar & Spice (NB not their real names) who sell their homemade jams, marmalades, curds, chutneys and whatnots at the local Farmers' Market, and though I tend towards the boozier end of their jam spectrum (e.g. raspberry and amaretto), it's the kids' favourite - Very Berry Jam - that stand the most repeated purchases.
(b) When it's on toast, I have butter. When it's with croissants, adding more butter would be the act of a barbarian.

2. Football - Barcelona, of course, is the world's favourite second favourite team, and I admit to being one of those semi-supporters. Juventus is my ex's team and, while I flirted with Parma and Bologna back in the glory days of Channel 4 Italian football, I ended up with a sympathy for them, which is maintained because they're my eldest's team alongside Tottenham. The other son opted for Everton by a random fluke - he picked their badge out of a line-up, nearly chose Sunderland then happened upon one of the two teams in his home city - I've developed a fondness for Everton over the years so they're sort of my second team, though it's hardly from afar.

3. Years ago, Caroline Sullivan interviewed Marti Pellow in the Graun - it was generally an arse-kissing exercise, which doesn't bother me so much, but there was a suggestion that Pellow's love of Marvin Gaye made him unconventional "in the Culture Club 80s." I have a rant always running at low level in my head about this idea that, among the Style Councils, Blow Monkeys, Imaginations, Lynxes, Jimi Somervilles, Billy Bragg singing about Levi Stubbs, Spandau Ballet singing about Marvin friggin' Gaye, Simply Reds, Hue & Crys, Kane Gangs, etc etc love 'em or loathe 'em, not to mention Culture Club themselves with Church of the Poisoned Mind, that Marti Pellow was somehow a kind of exiled Solzhenitzyn figure because he liked a bit of soul.

more in a tic

tincanman said...

And how are you doing on keeping your temper about all that (#3) May?

May1366 said...

...and another thing - that Alan Titchmarsh, don't get me started, he must be like an Uncle Tom figure for gardeners....

um, yeah, it's one day at a time, tin. I'm sure I've ranted about that on here before - anyway, it's not as if I've ever taken anything Caroline Sullivan's ever written seriously, but it's the sheer sloppiness of that one that rankles.

ShariVari - didn't realise you were another fan of The Mighty - I always thought your posts had the edge over the hoi-polloi on here.

4. I suppose some would find cooking a chore, so I guess that's my favourite.

5. I reckon I'd be quite good at curling if it wasn't on ice - I've long felt there's a champion lawn green bowler in me waiting to come out. Not that I watched a minute of it this year, but I did see (a) tin's winning goal in the ice hockey, which would have been more exciting if I'd had the sound up and understood it was a golden goal type of thing. You need the beards to be that long for ballast when they're going so fast on those skates so let's not mock but, instead, admire a perfectly-proportioned athlete.

tincanman said...

Bears are NOT good in curling though. A hair on the ice can make a rock go off line spectacularly. If anything moving at 3mph can be spectacular.

Interesting the number who go for curling. It is a thinking person's game, for sure. I call it winter baseball, 'cause the same strategy considerations have to be made (and discussed) before each pitch). It's no where near as easy as it looks on TV though. Sweeping ishard work, and their ability to throw exactly the right weight 90% of the time is astounding (image pushing off the hack and knowing instantly to a tenth of a second how long it will take you to get to the release point)

Plus I like when women curlers wear skirts and you can see their legs above the knee.

l8er g8ors. sorry to hijack you may

tincanman said...

and neither are beards. Just thought I'd mention it. Bear hair is tougher though and would probably misdirect the rock more.

May1366 said...

Polar bears are bloody brilliant on ice, tin - honestly, I don't know where you get this reputation of knowing stuff about the Arctic and all that.

Japanther said...

great q's ej,

1. Bluberry for me
1a. of course

2. When I first came to Japan I lived near a lowly second league (there are only 2 in in Japan) team called Urawa Reds,so I decided to support them as they were local lads. Through sheer determination and phenomenal fan support they have risen to be one of the best teams in Japan and won the J1 championship a couple of years ago.

3. Too many to mention, but queue jumping triggers a wave if indignation in me that I didn't think I was capable of.

4. I love ironing.....preferably whilst listening to black metal...

5. Ice skating for me. The drama of the Japanese Vs Korean teens this year was brilliant.
5a. there's no such thing as "too long" when it comes to beards!

ejaydee said...

" didn't realise you were another fan of The Mighty - I always thought your posts had the edge over the hoi-polloi on here."
Hey hey hey, that's enough out of you closet Spurs fans with great taste in music, who also happen to be the best writers, yes, that includes you too Nilpferd...

Exodus said...

1) Blackcurrant (note for Steen - our two bushes last year produced enough currants for pies & crumbles on a regular basis for about six weeks, bags for the freezer & a years supply of jam) & butter, definitely, yes.

2) In international rugby, Ireland. In football, Southampton (my mother's home town)

3) Passive aggressive people who use their mobile phones on public transport/platforms to moan about the service and be rude about the people around them.

4) walking the dog

5) Nope, just don't get the concept at all, sorry

5b) Call that a beard?

tincanman said...

Pretty soon they'll be extinct and we won't have to learn about them anymore.

*turns on the light in an empty room

goneforeign said...

All this talk about jam prompted me to go to the pantry and to take stock. As mentioned already making jam is one of my annual summertime joys; when we moved here I planted an orchard but I decided to plant only fruit that wasn't available in the supermarkets, so I started with Cox's Orange and Egremont Russet apples and went on to add St Edmund's Pippin, Spitzenberg, Tydeman late Orange, Claygate Permain and about a dozen more, mostly russets, that was my period of 'you can't have too many apples'. Then there were the pears and the soft fruit, the plums, damsons, greengages and pluots, so you can see why I make jam. And then I discovered that a friend has an old English Bullace tree in her garden, on par with damsons for a lovely sour plum, great for chutney.

The trip to the pantry just revealed over 50 pints of various jams, some dated back to '05, but that's OK, they don't spoil, but perhaps this should be the year that I don't make any.
Making jam is so easy and cheap and fairly quick that everyone should do it, so if anyone wants a starting recipe just ask.
One variety that I'd forgotten came to light, I'd made several jars in '08 and there's still some there, it's labeled "Pluot-Brandy-Sour Cherry and Walnut preserve", it was an experiment that worked wonderfully, I just kept adding to the basic jam plus I put in a teaspoon of very hot ground African peppers, that wasn't a lot given the volume and it added a very nice warm aftertaste. So I started adding it to most of my jams.
So now the 'chore' question arises, I'll spend the next couple of hours on a stepladder organising them all by date and variety and separating out the chutneys and hot sauces. Could become a favorite chore.

AliMunday said...

1. My mum used to make damson jam but never bothered to take the stones out. It tasted wonderful and there was a surprise in every bite.
1a) yes if I've got any butter.

2. Don't give a fig, sorry.

3. Littering - so unnecessary - inconsiderate people (often to be found on trains) - being patronised (happens even more when you're over 50)

4. Gardening. Love it. In a little world of my own.

5. Again, don't give a fig though did inadvertently watch some curling which was marginally more interesting than watching paint dry (but not much).
5a) Splendid beard, great for keeping warm in the cold weather and a marvellous repository for spare sandwiches, etc.

gremlinfc said...

29 ?
Bloody 29?! Cor...
My god you are a young man EJD!
I just about remember my 20s - congratulations and herzliche Glueckwuensche- 29 , hrmph hrmph...

Blimpy said...

1. psychedelic tripped out guitar jams man, totally buttered

2. i always kinda keep an eye on Wolves, as they're my dad's team, underdog types - always have been


4. hanging out washing

5. Jamaican bobsleigh
5a. when it comes to beards, there's no such thing as too large.

bishbosh said...

AliM, perhaps we can bond over not giving a fig for spectator sports. I just don't get the appeal - and glad to find someone who seemingly feels likewise!

barbryn said...

Yay, I have internet back! (but still no central heating)

1. Blackcurrant (though I'm with Mnemonic - strawberry for scones). Of course butter.

2. I went to watch FC Nurnberg a few times when I lived there, so keep an eye on whichever direction they happen to be yo-yoing in. By extension, I have a softspot for Schalke 04, who have a weird friendship going on with FCN - something to with Schalke fans joining the Nurnbergers in a fight against some Bayern fans, I heard, but not sure of this.

Since losing my direct interest in the Premier League, I've started supporting Arsenal just enough for it to hurt a little bit when they lose.

3. Mobile phone predictive text - whoever it was that decided you were more likely to want to suggest a riot at the rub or a shot at the sub than a pint at the pub; or that aubergine isn't a word, but cubeshine is.

4. Chores at the moment are mostly of the DIY variety. I'm not a fan, but rollering a wall with emulsion is soothing.

5. I didn't watch any this year, which I'm sorry about, as I find them all quite entertaining. I'd probably go for the giant slalom. With the Ski Sunday theme tune playing.

nilpferd said...

2. heh heh.. Spurs fans are starting to rival Steen's gang of the undead RR-moderated... I'm probably most passionate about the gloriously incompetent NZ cricket team, and I have actually seen them play live once, so that'd make me another Spurs second.

1. Jam-wise I think I'd have to go for a really tart orange marmalade with plenty of peel, on a slice of toasted sourdough bread smeared in butter, because it reminds me of a very enjoyable weekend in Paris.

3. I'm really only peevish about people chewing with their mouths open, especially gum. Or anything crunchy. Or biting into an apple like a horse. This is one of those ohmygod-civilisation-is-just-a-veneer-we-really-are-only-apes moments for me.

4. I'm basically a very lazy person. I used to like defrosting freezers in the days when that was necessary, the way time was your friend and suddenly big pieces of ice came away. These days it just makes me anxious about global warming, of course.

5. Um.. bob sledding I guess.. not that I've ever actually watched the Winter Olympics, but the idea of sledding reminds me of that awesome chase in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

5a. Tinny's beard is in no-man's land, I'm afraid. Too long for a goatee, too short and straggly for an overnight shelter. What use is it? Shave it off, I say. Or dye it, at least.

TonNL said...

@Abahachi: "...corrupted by the wealth $ glamour...", well, my "first" team is Fortuna Sittard, currently near the bottom of the Dutch Second League, Mark van Bommel made his professional debut with them. When they were in very heavy financial troubles (and in danger of being taken out of competition by the Dutch FA) last year MvB organized a benefit game, Bayern Munich (with almost all of their stars) played a benefit game for free against Fortuna Sittard, just to support them...

@gremlinfc: of course I know DTH, I even have a couple of those Tote Hosen Bayern t-shirts ("Nie in Leben.... & Ich habe nichts gegen Bayern...., listig all Bayern defeats with more than 4 goals difference on the back)

AliMunday said...

Bishbosh - consider us bonded!! (Like donded but more cuddly).

SatanKidneyPie said...

Sorry, bit late to these. My answers for anyone still paying attention...

1. Marmalade for me (aka orange jam?). but if we're being pedantic and not including marmalade, then I’m afraid it’s boring old strawberry. With butter, of course

2. I honestly find it difficult to give 2 hoots about any team which isn’t Crystal Palace. If anyone, my second team would be my local team from the town where I grew up – Sutton United, currently of the Ryman Premier League and not doing too badly.

3. People who tell me what to do. Like, there’s this place I go every day where I like to play around on the internet and download music and sometimes do some legal stuff to help people, and there’s this guy who keeps telling me that I’ve got to do more of the legal stuff and less of the internetting. Wanker.

4. I’m don’t mind (and am quite good at) ironing.

5. Easy: short-track speed skating. But the schedulers weren’t too kind this time round so I didn’t get to see as much of it as I had hoped.

5a. Yup, I can just about see it protruding from the top of his jeans.

ejay said...

Yep, 29! Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, and thank you for all the answers.

severin said...

1) I hate jam except on scones - then strawberry - on bread or toast I love only Marmite
1A) Soya spread please.

2)My sister has told me that we support AFC Wimbledon but I still think that Partick Thistle have nicer shirts.

3) People who put their feet up on seats in buses and trains. I've turned into an old fogey I hate it so much.

4) Cleaning my glasses? Actually, I hate most chores but all the cleaning ones are very satisfying when you've finished them.

5) Pass