Friday, March 12, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Night Train
In The Midnight Hour
Midnight Dream
Midnight In Her Eyes
Midnight Man

Round Midnight
Late Night
25 O'Clock
Midnight Maps
Night Of The Hunter


Japanther said...

I guess the topic is "midnight" based on this list then?!

Enjoyed all of these Shoey, but the final track was especially ace

Shoey said...

Midnight it be. Anyone else starting to think we are running out of themes. That album by your namesake is also very fine.

saneshane said...

night and darkness was about 4 years ago shoey, we could easily do a cracking list for things released since then.. and that is what I'm doing now.. going "why don't they mention midnight just once eh!!!"

it would only take making the subject more specific- and I think midnight is/ abet a vast amount of tracks still- to get a lot more subjects (but the guru needs to keep the noms on track to be successful doing that)

now DsD could twist 'Nightcrawlers' by the Beauty Shop in .. but my justifications are nonexistent so it just wont happen.....
Zola Jesus..Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen ..Beth Jeans Houghton...Vera November all should get a listen but they are all night songs. see - why doesn't bike for 3 mention midnight!!

anyway that's not having a go - you just made think about it for a bit - now where's that beer?-, thinking really isn't good for me..if I start doing that again the secret service will return with those funny pills.

(i've sent you a couple of things in the box.. so you can keep on top of albums of the month ((not saying they are mind- that's your choice)) - it's only 12 days in.. your work will be tough this month!)

Shoey said...

Cool. If you have a bunch already, do you want to guest host AOTM for March? I could use a month off.

Glad to hear the pc is kinda working - is there anything I can backdrop for you?

saneshane said...

for now I'm on my monthly limit of albums..(3) so it would be a very short and sane-specific list!

but yeah I could guest host.

Shoey said...

WooHoo, cheers Shane. Been looking forward to the 1st one & don't know the 2nd one. Looks like it will be a great AOTM. Will some back at you as & when I find some more candidates. Also working on a 2009 overlooked comp for you - but that might be a lttle while yet.

Anonymous said...

@shoey - did you get "Rock 'n'Roll Ice Cream"? i've got a feeling 2010 is finally going to be the year for my boys!


ejay said...

Hi, my favourites were Night Train, Late Night and Night Of The Hunter.

Shoey said...

JP - Very good album, glad you covered it. But if they get too successful you may have to change your name.

Hey Ejay. Night Train is the theme to the fab long-running On The Wire radio show.

steenbeck said...

I liked the whole list, Shoey. It seemed a little unusual for a shoey list - maybe more old-guy-voiced than usual. Who's doing what?

Shoegazer said...

It were: Dub Syndicate, Maloko, Little Axe, Black Keys, Nick Cave, Robert Wyatt, Nina Nastasia, Ri Ra, Shriekback & Tussle