Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oigan La Música del Convaleciente

A week or so ago I asked for your help to put together a play-list for my mate Quique, who is recovering from an operation. The response was wonderful and Quique has been very touched by your kindness. He sent me an email (part of which follows) and a play-list to thank you all for the gesture. He wrote:

And so to the “List”.
I’ve no idea how many times I must have listened to it by now! And it’s already become one of those essential ones that will accompany me through the rest of my life. You get fond of things. Period. And I have reasons to feel attached to this musical selection, which you started for me.
It kicks off with your beloved Stranglers (and that characteristic thumping bass) and there follow 20 something more tracks!! Amongst them I’ve managed to identify at least; one by A. Piazzolla (the first of GF's two); Nina Simone (Steenbeck); T. Mahal and an African vocalist (Ali Munday); I’m not sure but I think gremlinfc's first might be Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; DsD's track rings loads of bells but I can’t work out who the fuck it is; Shoey’s is the same as the one with which Diego A. Manrique opens his “Ambigú” programme on Radio 3; not to mention the unmistakable Dead!
And finally Shane’s nine, where lamentably I recognise no-one, but curiously I like a whole lot more than I thought I would when I saw the picture!
So, I had an idea – and that’s to make a selection of about ten tracks. Classics covered by other artists that I’ve come across recently and think are either good or very good. And put them up on the ‘Spill as my way of saying thanks. That way people would have an idea of where I’m at, musically speaking, especially as this blog’s currency is the exchanging of musical tastes.
Now this (Quique posting without being a registered ‘spiller – ed.) may be way off the normal criteria of the blog but it could - or rather - should be an exceptional case seeing as you (Maki) started the whole thing off and I would like to respond to the lads and lasses with music. ‘Cause, as you know, music is the food of life.

Here’s Quique’s list (a shed-load more than the original 10, I fear), which I’ve rather predictably titled:


Madame Geneva's
You Win Again
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Won't Get Fooled Again
Why Do People Act Like That
Me Gusta Ese Tajo
Theme from The Godfather
Jealous Guy
Gotta Serve Somebody
Run To The Hills
Les Feuilles Mortes
Lili Marlene
Another Brick In The Wall
Fly Me To The Moon
Waltz for Debby
Time of No Reply
Mil Horas
Alfonsina Y El Mar
Chiquilín de Bachín
Los Mareados
La Canción de Buenos Aires

And here's a link to the details of this lovingly crafted play-list as provided by Quique.

Thanks everyone, we hope you like this!
Quique & Maki


AliMunday said...

Thanks Quique / Maki - looking forward to listening!

Makinavaja said...

Thanks Ali. Hope you enjoy it!

CaroleBristol said...

I'll make time to listen.

Glad you are getting better Quique!

DarceysDad said...

Maki, you have put Quique right about my Mark Lanegan song, haven't you?

And who the hell is that singing Run To The Hills?! Weird synchronicity time - as the New Year of 2004 came in, I was lying in a hospital bed with several broken bones, unable to even turn over in bed thanks to the pins sticking out of my left foot. Friends who lived close to Stockport Stepping Hill Hospital had been amongst the first to visit me, and with a thoughtfulness I'll never forget, had brought a CD Walkman and several CD-Rs of quickly-found fileshare stuff they knew I liked.

Iron Maiden's Best Of got a lot of play, and I'll go to my grave with the most vivid memory of listening to RttH whilst watching the colours of some New Year fireworks reflect off the ward wall opposite me. I couldn't even turn round to see them for real through the window above my head.

tincanman said...

I get a kick out of seeing ''my mate Quique'' in print. Seems like it should be a Hemingway character.
I played the song for Quique. He heard that it was good. I knew he was the right kind of man. We got drunk, Quique and I, in the Spanish afternoon sun.

Makinavaja said...

DsD - yeah, I gave Quique the tracklisting. but we have a "Do you know who this is..?/Bet you can't tell me who this is..!" trial period with new music. The RttH is by Hellsoungs a Scandinavian Lounge/Acoustic act. They have an ep with six "metal" covers. The elves could be asked to get working..

Tin lol. But you forgot the bit about going barracuda fishing and the fist-fight in the bar we got drunk in!

CaroleBristol said...

I love that Why do people act like that song.

Truly excellent.

CaroleBristol said...

Thank you Quique and Maki.

Some lovely things there.

I really enjoyed it.

Makinavaja said...

Thanks Carole. Why do people act like that is a cover by Nico Wayne Toussaint, a French blues harmonica player and singer, of the Bobby Charles original.
Glad you enjoyed the list!

goneforeign said...

Maki & Quique:
First off many thanks for providing the play list link to these cuts, it makes it so much more enjoyable to know who and what you're listening to.
Second, a great list of much that was new to me, I particularly liked the unique version of Lili Marlene, I was introduced to Gilad Atzmon by Aba right here a many moons ago, similarly I liked Crazy Diamond and Chiquilin by Galliano, I have that album. There's more there and I haven't listened to them all yet.