Friday, March 5, 2010

H2H - Battle of the Beauties

Not alf. Two muses of sixties pop. But which one would the evil queen give her apple to?


sourpus said...

I suppose the logic of chosing these two is self-explanitory - two songs released in the same year, etc.

Sorry the sound quality differs so significantly. I chose these two because I wanted the original recordings. H2H is about reassessment and renewed competition between recordings, not bands.

Looking forward to your thoughts..

sourpus said...

(an excuse to post Surfer Dan too..derivative as you please, but what a great lyric!)

CaroleBristol said...

I am going for Jesamine here, much as I like the Turtles.

goneforeign said...

Back in the early 60's we had friends who had 5 daughters, all teenagers, they lived in Manhattan Beach and all went to the same school as the Turtles, they were all we ever heard about.