Thursday, March 11, 2010


Since last weeks list drew approving comments, here's another. This one is culled from THE TIMES 2009 list of millionaires in the UK, it's a very long list so I abstracted only names that would be familiar and relevant to Spillers, The figure in the first column is the total assets, the second column reflects the losses for the year. Poor old Sting lost 20 million pounds! But wait, he's still got 180 times 1 million pounds in the bank! Bear these names in mind if ever you're tempted to illegally download a tune!
It should be obvious to Mr & Mrs Blimpy what the forthcoming kids first birthday present should be, start saving for a banjo for him!
This is only a partial list, there's many more on the full list.

Sir Paul McCartney £440m £60m Music
Sir Mick Jagger £190m £35m Music
Sting £180m £20m Music
Keith Richards £175m £15m Music
Sir Elton John £175m £60m Music
Sir Tom Jones £130m £40m Music
Eric Clapton £120m £20m Music
Ringo Starr £120m £20m Music
Phil Collins £108m £32m Music
David Bowie £100m £20m Music
Rod Stewart £100m £20m Music
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne £90m £20m Music,
Charlie Watts £85m £15m Music
Roger Waters £85m £10m Music
Chris Blackwell £80m £20m Music
David Gilmour £78m £7m Music
Robert Plant £75m £5m Music
Jimmy Page £70m £5m Music
Engelbert Humperdinck £60m £19m Music
Mark Knopfler £60m £10m Music
Van Morrison £50m £5m Music
Pete Townshend £40m - Music
Sir Cliff Richard £40m £10m Music
Ronnie Wood £35m £5m Music
Roger Daltrey £32m - Music


saneshane said...

Oh those free and easy days in the 60's when you did it for the kicks man....
(and the gold plated limo - virgin island and barely legal bride/rent boy)

"Bear these names in mind if ever you're tempted to illegally download a tune"
has a single one done anything relevant in the last 40 odd years GF?
(Chris Blackwell is excempt).

ToffeeBoy said...

@ GF - this list is a good starting point for a "Come the glorious day" debate ...

goneforeign said...

Shane: I wouldn't exempt Blackwell, I know he's released a lot of Jamaican music but I can't help but think of Jimmy Cliff in The Harder they Come where the record owner offers him 20 dollars, take it or leave it.

Shoey said...

Shane, you're being too harsh - it's 30 years

Good to see that Phil C is as talented at investing as he is at singing & acting.

saneshane said...

I had forgotten that GF

yep all against the wall then... being a pacifist, I'd then have to sing at them for eternity, that'll learn 'em!

(they are all building sound proof bunkers in their tax havens as we speak.. we are all saved yippee)

shoey - 30-40 who notices?