Monday, March 15, 2010

UK Hip-hop - What's Happening - Part 2

They may call it "crackhouse" (oh why oh why oh why) but there's no denying that this one's a bit of a banger and may rehabilitate Ms Dynamite...hold on **ring ring** **ring ring**

Blimpy "Hi"

MIA "Hi Blimps, you posting up on DJ Zinc?"

B: "Yeah, I was actually -remember his D&B tunes from way back when?"

MIA "Dem beats was sick, yeah?"

B: "Indeed, how are you?"

MIA: "I'm vexed yeah, Ms Dynamite's biting my flow, innit?"

B: "I was just about to mention that in the blog post. See you down the Dog n Bucket for the quiz later?"

MIA: "Course. Laters"


steenbeck said...

I like the track and the video, but can I admit to being extremely distracted by her hotpants. What material are they made from?

B=Mc2 said...

hi steen - i'm reliably informed by Ms Dynamite's tailor that they are a 70% Bling / 30% Lycra mix

Shoey said...

Mia still roolz.