Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Miss Indie

Another Beerplease

Little Miss Indie was the indiest person you've ever met in your whole life.

She looked indie because she was indie, in everything she did.

You could always tell where Little Miss Indie had been because she left a trail of indie records wherever she'd been.

Oh yes, Little Miss Indie was indie by name, indie by nature!

Little Miss Indie lived in a particularly indie looking house.

Posters of Damon on the walls.

7" singles spread out on the floor.

Fan club membership cards held together with hair clips in a secret drawer.

You know what she looks like don't you, because you've seen her picture at the start of this story... watching Gorillaz in a little indie club.

how happy was Little miss Indie

oh well - I can't post on the new one - it sends me straight to other things I'm working on - so if anyone see this enjoy.. (or does it redirect?)


DarceysDad said...

Apparently it doesn't redirect, Shane, but I'm sure Blimpy will oblige.

And I reckon you're on to a £WholeNewRoof$ winner with that art as a T-shirt, if you can sell it through the right management company

saneshane said...

it's got a clockwork orange/morph thing going on hasn't it.. cheers DsD.. slightly haunted over here!

TracyK said...

Awww, that's lovely! Should there be a pic? I can't see one. I knew everyone would know LMI was me!

saneshane said...

there is a pic - it didn't show for me .. then came back.

TracyK said...

Yay! It's working! How cool is that? thanks Shane!

TracyK said...

Especially loving the insane eyes and the suggestion of stripey tights! That so is me circa 1994!

saneshane said...

he he
wasn't supposed to be a mirror of your past.. but you can see her turning into little indie monster after too many snakebites - can't you
(obviously that would be nothing like you - just copious amounts of research I did during the late 80's and early 90's.. oh and the rest of the 90's too, and maybe some time into the 2000's - phew how did I survive the stripy tight offensive)

TracyK said...

How many pints of snakebite is "too much"? Did you ever drink that vile K cider? That was proper loopy juice and responsible for several of my stupider indie-boy choices.

saneshane said...

did you try the violet bottled K cider.. came after the the matt black bottle as a 'limited addition'..

'round of Violent Cases (after Gaiman and McKean) was well known in our boozer.
(ahhh the memorrrrrrrrrr .....

oh it's gone)

DarceysDad said...

" oh it's gone) "

Fortunately, so has the comment I just wrote about my time as a K-boy.

I was just thinking about opening a bottle of Aspall - I think I've changed my mind!!!

Blimpy said...

shane - please try a new spill post again

saneshane said...

it's added the spill (readers Recommends) but I forgot to title it or categorize it - but it's hopefully there. cheers blimpy.

and 'cheers' DsD.. whatever you open

Anonymous said...

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