Saturday, March 13, 2010

is it morning yet?

in keeping with the ten:
1 Witchin Hour
2 Nightshift
3 Time Of The Night
4 Midnight Blues
5 Midnight Sun
6 Animal Midnight
7 Midnight Coward
8 Midnight Runner
9 Gold Mine Gutted (Her Space Holiday MIx)
10 Good Morning Midnight
enjoy for now.

I will add some words in a bit.....


Shoey said...

What, no love for a Shane list yet - what is the 'Spill coming to. No listening for me tonight as JD is back in town doing his make-up show from last time when he got the sickies. No band, just solo Goat. Not sure how that will work when the disco next door fires up - but should be fun.

Japanther said...

ahh....finally finished my Spill listening!

Excellent as always Shane. Witchin Hour was ace and I liked Darker Side Of Night a lot too...

steenbeck said...

Finally you show up on the mothership. I had quite a few Shane songs I very nearly nominated. I'm looking forward to listening to this, probably later today, though.

And, as always, I love the art.

steenbeck said...

Only partway through, but I love Nightshift. Who's that by?

saneshane said...

Eugene McGuinness
Roland Clark
Liz Green
Viva Voce
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Cut Copy
Bright Eyes

Beth Jeans Houghton
Zola Jesus
Vera November
Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen
The Beauty Shop

you do like your Eugene McGuinness don't you steen.

I've got a tired and sick Ru and my boy is having bad dreams so I have failed in adding the promised words...

Makinavaja said...

Loving this, Shane. Midnight Runner my fave on a first listen. Love the art too! Thanks.

Mnemonic said...

Great list, of those new to me I particularly liked Viva Voce and Beth Jeans Houghton

DarceysDad said...

I'm a bit late to these, Shane, but had to tell you I really liked the Zola Jesus. Who dat? Sounds like Siouxsie fronting Soulsavers: really atmospheric.

Eugene McGuinness and Vera November were the other ones new to me that I enjoyed.

saneshane said...

isn't zola great - goth as feck - in a good way I think..

this is from an ep out this month called Stridulum - more info in the March record round-up.

Eugene McGuinness.. should be better known, but he kind of knocks things out randomly (I like that - but for sales, a difficulty) at the moment he has a band called Eugene + The Lizards and buying the vinyl gets you 4 more tracks than the mini cd - I think.

veras track was from an ep called Four Songs By Arthur Russell ft:Jens Lekman/ Taken By Trees and Joel Gibb as well.. it's a lovely set.

(I must sort some tunes for people - but*..

*insert excuse here)

cheers for listening.

and Maki and steen - it's okay, being up staged by Malcolms art is fine.. I'm old enough and ugly enough to cope.....

...that's why I adapted Zanes drawing in this.. shhh, my tears are nearly dry.

Shoey said...

Shane, empty the box when you get a chance. Let me know if you have probs? More to come

Evenlatershoey said...

(Loved the Zola too btw)