Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Spillharmonic Records - Update!

There's no turning back now 'Spillharmonic Shareholders cos I've ordered the sleeves!!

"The Arigato Pak! is a Stumptown Printers original. This unique structure doesn't require adhesives for assembly, has four spines (approximately 3/16" thick), and finished dimensions 4 3/4" square. Made of thick (18pt.) brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard. Ready for your custom silkscreen/stamp/label/stencil artwork. Shipped to you flat with folding instructions"

600 of these beauties are in the post, and I''ve got my eye on a local artist who has been producing some top notch hand-printed art cards of late!

Suggestions for a striking cover image in the comments please!


Euan said...

Great choice on the packaging front mate. Stumptown are top.

Blimpy said...

Thanks Euan! They certainly are, just a shame they're so far away!