Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Simplified and distorted..."

Waking up hungover at a friends some time ago I started nosing through the cds and played an album by This Kind Of Punishment a band from New Zealand, this along with their related material turned out to be something of a revelation, though at times not exactly ideal hangover music.

Nocturnal Projections - Walk in a Straight Line.mp3
This Kind of Punishment - Overground In China.mp3
This Kind of Punishment - Mr. Tic Toc.mp3
Peter Jefferies - Domesticia.mp3
Peter Jefferies - On An Unknown Beach.mp3


Japanther said...

hmm...didn't quite know what to make of these, which is always a good thing!

I liked the darker, slower spoken-wordy one a lot, but the noisier stuff was good too...reminded me a bit of Japanese band Friction, who I love, so...good stuff!

B=Mc2 said...

Good stuff, thanks DR, I do like a bit of spoken word with guitar.

B=Mc2 said...

Are they the cojoined twins from the punk rock movie Brothers Of The Head?

Shoegazer said...

Haven't listened yet, but have good intentions.