Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Earworms of the Week (Mar 9)

I can't get this one out of my head. I woke up to it about a week ago, not sure why because I hadn't played the album in ages but there it is, the brain does weird things.
- CaroleBristol

We were talking this week about hip-hop, and many of us foresee fusion with other genres. This 7-man Carolina band fuse rock, funk, rap and soul and it's got me quite excited. And not just me - huge buzz is builidng for their debut album this summer.
- Tin

This is punked-up brass band music from deepest Bavaria which I came across by chance (just picked up a CD with a picture of a cow on the cover). This track completely lifts my mood whenever I'm feeling down, especially if I'm having a grotty day at work - if I put this on to play, everyone in the shop suddenly seems lighter of foot and not quite so wint'ry-grey any more.
- debbym

I have a tendency to fall in love too easily with Scottish female indie singers but Tracy-Ann Campbell is in serious danger of replacing Clare Grogan in my affections. I was a huge fan of Lloyd Cole so I think it was the title that drew my attention to the song but after just a couple of listens I was hooked. I now have just about everything ever recorded by Camera Obscura right at the top of my iPod.
- ToffeeBoy

From one of the surprises of 2009 off the album Jewellry: it's a mish-mash of many different sounds, rhythms, directions but a real catchy number- gets me nodding & moving when weaving through the morning traffic on the bike...gives you a certain amount of not just joi de vivre but also defiance- necessary sometimes...
- gremlin

I really wanted to find a way of shoehorning this song into this week's topic, because the appreciation is certainly of an ... um ... unconventional beauty. But even with my legendary topic-parameter-stretching will, I couldn't do it.
- DsD

Feedback? I've dropped this week's earworms in 2 iPod friendly formats as an experiment for those struggling with enough comp time. One is all 6 songs in one MP3, like a Spillcast with no announcer. The other is each song retagged under a common artist (earworm) and album (mar 9), so when you dump them in an MP3 player they'll all be together. Takes less than a minute for me to do, so if peeps wants it let me know.


saneshane said...

that flaming lips album is the best alt-pop .. accessible but barking.

paper tongues sound interesting (I can't get enthused about going to California, not into sunshine me.. the Celtic skin can't cope) but fun.

I have 'Marienkafer' I must search out more Debby. joyous sound... Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar and Bollywood Brass Band (on my future world funk album do a similar perk up job)

I don't think i can afford all the C.O. ablums toffeeboy - they are great.. consistent quality - choice track, by the way.

Jewellry was a grower (an album of the week from EJAY(?) I think) good to listen again.

the question is DsD - have you playlisted them on a northern social CD? - you are right, stretching the parameters.

Fantastic Mix Lads and Lasses, could someone point me in the direction of my paperwork and explain to me the idea of concentrating on it...

DarceysDad said...

No, Shane, but I nearly did. Right up until the day of the Leeds Social, GNS had a song on the 'to-burn' list called "Clash Of The Social Titans", but it didn't fit with the 'old rocker' vibe I wanted on that CD.

DarceysDad said...

Yes, that Paper Tongues does indeed generate an internal Post-It note reminder to check out the album when it arrives.

LaBrasseBande remind me of The Bavarian Foot-Stompers, an excellent party oompah band around in the 80s: perfect Beer Festival music, if I remember rightly (unlikely through the alcohol fog). I can see why it would be a mood lifter.

Still can't stand Micachu & The Shapes though. No surprise there, then!! I do like your justification though, gremlin.

saneshane said...

DsD - next northern social then!

are you not supposed to be working too.. or is this the internet window time?

Makinavaja said...

Faves this week. Flaming Lips and Camera Obscura, but I liked them all. Gremlin, I can see you on that bike!!

Tin the re-tagged option is great and if it is that easy for you then I absolutely insist that you do it every week without fail! Thanks for starting (and maintaining) what has become one of my favourite features on the 'spill.

bishbosh said...

Not sure why but I find Tracy-Ann C's voice absolutely captivating. Have you heard Camera Obscura's version of Sheena Easton's "Modern Girl", ToffeeBoy? I'm slightly obsessed with it.

gremlinfc said...

Thanks Tincanman - top work.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ bishbosh - no, I haven't. Where's it available - sounds intriguing!

bishbosh said...

@ToffeeBoy: There's a youtube here:


At some point, perhaps I'll incorporate it in a Spill post in an mp3 version...

bishbosh said...

Love "Yoshimi" of course. The Paper Tongues track reminds me a little of Lo-Fidelity Allstars or even Asian Dub Foundation - me likee. The brass band put a smile on my face. As discussed earlier, already been heartbroken by Camera Obscura (and Lloyd). Michau intriguing - if a little heavy in parts for my tastes. And "Gasoline Queen" may just be my fave of the lot (and certainly my fave new discovery here) - just gorgeous. All told, another lovely selection. Thanks guys.

bishbosh said...

Oh, it's Micachu! I did think Michau was a bit of a funny name (not that Micachu isn't). As you were.

tincanman said...

Micachu is my favorite Pokemon

Japanther said...

liked LaBrassBande and Grim Northern Social best. GNS really reminded of someone, but I can't quite pin who.....Starsailor??