Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 'Spill Blog - Housekeeping & Housemoving

Hi 'Spillers - we're moving house!

To get away from G00gle's clutches and for a general shift to something a bit more modern, The 'Spill is migrating to Wordpress.

If you have a look at the new site here you'll see that it's pretty much the same, with all the old posts and comments in place.

I'm in the process of inviting all 77 authors to contribute, this is taking a wee while so don't worry if your invite hasn't shown up in the mail yet. Once you're added as an author, I can change the name associated with your past posts (they all say Ed at present, but won't always)

***update*** all invites have gone out, if you've not got yours please let me know!!

I also intend to buy a domain name for the new site, so if anyone has any objections of me using a small bit of 'Spillharmonic cash to do this, please let me know asap.

***update*** I've purchased the address!! we'll have a 'proper' web home very soon!



gordonimmel said...

I've got my invite and I've been over to the new pad to check it out. Everything seems to work alot slicker over there and it's all neat and clean looking like a new house should be.

Looks good, so I'm packing my meagre possessions in a knotted hanky, hanging it onto a stick slung over my shoulder and I'm on my way.

See you all over there!

bishbosh said...

I got mine too, ta - and posted a practice comment on the "Spillharmonic Records - Update" post. It seemed to require clearance from a moderator though - is that you, Blimpy? And will you do that every time one of us comments? Seems a little labour-intensive... Or perhaps I did something 'wrong' (like using a naughty word).

Blimpy said...

@bishbosh - once you've had one comment "approved" that's you in the door; s'just the way wordpress works!

@gordon - shoes off when you enter please, i know you won;t have been able to resist those puddles.

CaroleBristol said...

I created a WP account a while back. See you over ont' new 'Spill!

Makinavaja said...

Got my invite and created my account ready to spill!

Exodus said...

don't seem to have had my invite yet, sir!

Blimpy said...

@exodus, can you mail me via the sidebar with your most uptodate email address please?

Exodus said...

False alarm - for some reason it got filtered into my junk mail. Have set up account & just waiting for my confirmation.