Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Feel Better

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

Hot Chip | MySpace Music Videos

I LOVE this video (the song too).

This one's not bad as well:


nilpferd said...

Hey, isn't the Erykah Badu video just the outtakes from the second unit camera on the Black Hearted Love set?

steenbeck said...

That Hot Chip video is FUNNY!

And the Erykah Badu video is freaky!

Party Music should be fully loaded now.

ejaydee said...

You mean this one Nilp?

nilpferd said...

That's it.. cunning idea to mount a camera on the roof.. not sure what's holding Erykah up, though..

saneshane said...

hot chip is truly inspired
(bet neither of them could do anything about a boy band member who supped a few pints and sleep with people though... outraged)

I never got round to buying the last album.. should do.

saneshane said...

the Erykah one keeps giving me Flaming Lips style genitalia visions.. I've never been the same since watching his christmas on mars movie (was it called that? - I could googlree it in the time it takes to type this - but like my artwork, leaving the mistakes in... creates art with mistakes, or something.)